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Wheel Hub Puller

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When repairing your wheel or braking assembly, you'll usually have to remove your wheel hub. The objective here is to get your wheel hub out of the way, not to damage the hub. Now, this is where the importance of the wheel hub puller comes in. Its name is straightforward enough. What this puller does is it helps you easily remove your wheel hub. The secret behind the effective nature of this particular tool is its unique design. You see, most wheel hub pullers come with an extra hardwearing pulling screw that lets you slide the hub without damaging your wheel assembly. Some pullers even come with spare locknuts that can be used with regular slide hammers for adjusting axle flanges. All these features allow the quick removal of the hub without harming the vehicle's wheel bearings. With a great wheel hub puller in your auto repair arsenal, you can gain access to your braking and wheel assemblies without breaking a sweat. So if you still don't have this puller in your toolbox, then you know what to do. Buy this component at the right price right here at Auto Parts Warehouse today. Find huge discounts on this item at our store now.