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Tired of looking at your beaten up ride and its rusty window trim? Perhaps it's time to give the look of your vehicle a total makeover, starting by changing its exterior trims. Window trims are a great way to customize the style of your ride; though they do not seem to stand out on their own, adding a different set on the side of your windows can definitely make a huge difference. Lots of different trims are available in the market; you can get units covered in chrome, silver, black, or even stainless steel. Some trims can be installed with just a high-quality 3M tape though other trims may require a little drilling. No matter what type of window trim you prefer, what's important is to choose a product that can withstand intense temperature shifts and won't easily crack, bend, or fade. Having a bad set of trims will definitely ruin your vehicle's style; it is a really noticeable auto accent and is an important component of your exterior. It is a low-maintenance add-on that you can easily change, detach, and attach anytime. All you need to do to install a new one on your auto is to first, slowly detach the old trim from the sides of the window. Next, load a urethane sealant cartridge and apply it around the glass. Start at one side of the mirror and firmly press the molding through the narrow slot. Continue pressing around the sides of the window to ensure that the adhesive sticks properly. And lastly, insert the ends of the molding and use a groove piece of rubber to secure them. Once you've done this, voila! Your ride now possesses a customized look.Upgrade your window trim today; check out Auto Parts Warehouse's product inventory to find the right unit for your ride and your budget. We have a full selection of items that will definitely match your needs; aside from window trims, we have other interior and exterior components that will work well for your auto restoration or repair project. By browsing through our user-friendly catalog, you can choose from a wide range of components and find the replacement you're looking for. It's that easy! Order form us today; all you need to do is to hit the shopping cart icon and add the products you want. You can even save on shipping by purchasing your needed products in bulk; we provide free shipping on order worth $50 or more.

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7 Steps to Replacing Your Car Window Trims

If you care about your car's look, then rusty, dilapidated window trims are definitely not something you can tolerate for long. Because of their prominent position on your car's exterior, unsightly window trims are impossible to hide. Fortunately, picking out new window trims is easy (even fun) and replacing them yourself can be even easier with the right tools.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here's what you'll need:

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Metal scraper
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Wet rag
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp knife (or saw)
  • Spray adhesive or urethane sealant cartridge and gun
  • New window trims

Step 1: Roll down all your car windows. Starting with one window, use your flat-head screwdriver to pry off your old window trim. This will take some heavy pulling and working from different angles. In the process, try to remove as much of the adhesive as possible.

Step 2: Use your metal scraper to remove the adhesive and rubber that were holding your old window trim. Be careful not to scrape outside the necessary areas as this will ruin your vehicle's paintwork.

Step 3: Use the sandpaper to remove all traces of rubber and adhesive then wipe the surface clean with the wet rag. Give some time for the surface to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: If your new window trims are not made to directly fit the exact make and model of your car, measure the sides of your window and cut the window trim to the right size. Wherever there are 90-degree corners, be sure to cut the trim at a 45-degree angle for a better fit.

Step 5: Spray a very thin coating of adhesive on the inside of your new window trim. The coating should be so thin that it does not easily drip. If you're using a urethane sealant, apply a tiny, 1/8-inch bead of sealant around the edge of the window instead of on the trim.

Step 6: Firmly press your window trim against the mating surface of your car door. Be sure you spray and fit the pieces one at a time and you press against each piece for a few seconds every time so the adhesive takes hold.

Step 7: Repeat the process for your other windows. Allow them to completely dry over a few hours before you roll up the windows.

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