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Windshield Visor

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Is your windshield visor dangling in front of you even if it's not really bright outside? You should replace it with a new one immediately. There are many kinds of visors installed around the windshield of a vehicle. Yours may be the type that's located near the rear view mirror and latches flat against the roof of your vehicle. There are also larger visors that are installed on the roofs of vehicles outside to provide more shade to passengers. Whatever type of visor you want replaced, be sure to choose something that has excellent features. For instance, you want a visor that minimizes glare while giving you unhindered view of the road. It should also be easy to install, requiring no drills and anything that needs a lot of effort. Finally, make sure that the visor is made of heavy-duty materials that will last the rest of your vehicle's service life. Fortunately, we have a windshield visor with all these amazing qualities right here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we stock over 550,000 top-quality auto parts and accessories. No matter where you look, you'll never find another place that offers up to 70% off on regular retail prices! Take out that old piece of tattered board that daily blocks your view and order a new windshield visor today.

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Pimp Your Ride with the Right Windshield Visor

Summer sunshine can be blinding especially if your ride doesn't have a windshield visor installed. With this component, you can protect your vision and make driving comfortable. Usually located on the roof, it shields the top part of the windshield from sun rays that limit drivers' view of the road. Many shops and stores offer this component, making the task of choosing a little bit difficult. So how do you find the right windshield visor for your ride? Here are some tips:

Tip no. 1: Make sure you know the type and measurements of your windshield.

Length, width, and height-your windshield dimensions are necessary to ensure you get the visor that fits your auto. Apart from the measurements, it is also important to know its style, if it is curved or flat. Visors possess different styles and designs. Some components are longer and wider than others because they are designed to fit curved or flat truck windshields while others are more compact and lightweight to fit the windscreens of sedans, convertibles, and other light-duty automobiles.

Tip no. 2: Select the type of visor that fits your desired exterior style and budget.


  • Fiberglass visors: This product is highly durable compared to ABS polymer/plastic visors. It doesn't easily corrode or wear out even if it is regularly subjected to shifting weather conditions. The only downside is that it costs a whole lot more than ABS plastic components, ranging from $250 to $500. It is typically used in SUVs, sedans, hot rods, and other light vehicles that have small windshields.

  • ABS polymer visors: Accessible and cheap, ABS polymer visors are a top choice among drivers who are only after the benefit of customizing the look of their vehicle. Though they are resistant to heat and impact, they are not as tough as fiberglass visors. This type of visor can also be used by light-duty autos.

  • Stainless steel visors: Perfect for massive trucks, a stainless steel visor is typically larger and wider than the visors from the other types. It comes in various styles; you can get standard drop visors that are a tad bit slimmer than extended ones or factory-style extended visors that offer more coverage.


  • Paintable: If you want to create a unique color for your visor, you can get components with paintable finishes. This is perfect for creative and vain auto enthusiasts who want full control over the looks of their vehicle exterior.
  • Colored gel coat: Resistant against corrosion, gel coated visors can also be painted according to your preferred color scheme though you can also leave it as it is. Unlike typical finishes, this material offers higher strength and heat resistance.