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Is your old, stock wiper arm acting up on you? It's probably time to replace it with a new one. Wiper arms are constantly exposed to the elements, which is why you shouldn't be surprised if yours is already broken or loose. Fortunately, there are many aftermarket wiper arms today that are made of high-strength materials designed to last for years without needing much maintenance. They're also specially designed for easy installation, so you should have no trouble putting one or a pair in your vehicle. Here's a tip: arms are typically affixed at the base of the spindled arbors. You may carefully remove the arms with the use of a flathead screwdriver while taking care not to damage nearby parts and injure yourself. To get a heavy-duty wiper arm that exactly matches your make or model, turn to us now here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we stock over 550,000 top-quality auto parts and accessories. there's really no sense in looking at other shops or sites 'cause this is the only place where you can get up to 70% off on regular retail prices plus super fast shipping! It's time to get rid of your old stock that causes you nothing but frustration especially when it's raining! Order a new wiper arm today.

Buying Guides

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How to Choose Arm for Your Wiper

It's safe to say that all motorists hate driving through the rain. Driving safely somewhat becomes a challenge when the skies are pouring its anger on us. Aside from having to drive over slippery roads, your road vision would also be impaired because of the rainwater that's streaming down your windshield. Fortunately, all manufactured automobiles are equipped with wipers.

The Wiper's Bicep

A wiper is primarily composed of two parts-the wiper arm and the wiper blade. The wiper arm is the wiper's bicep, its muscle. The wiper blade won't be able to clear water from your windshield without the force that the wiper arm provides. If your wiper arm isn't moving up and down or right to left the way it should, a replacement may be in order.

Broken Wiper Arm? What's a Good Replacement?

OEM wiper arms are reliable replacements. They'd last a long time and you won't have to replace them again anytime soon. A wiper arm is very affordable. In fact, a new one would only set you back by $10-$40. It's also generally very easy to install.

Types of Wiper Arms

There are several types of wiper arms available in the market. But before you purchase anything, you'd want to ensure that it'll fit your car's specification. You can do that simply by checking your car's manual or looking it up online. Once that's done, you can pick a wiper arm that's appropriate for your vehicle from any of the types below.

Universal Side Pin

A universal side pin wiper arm is the most common type of wiper arm; it's the closest you can get to your old stock wiper. Universal side pin wiper arms often have an easy release spring, but there are others that would require a screwdriver to be disassembled. Newer versions of this type of wiper arm are equipped with flexors that allow the replacement process to be faster and easier.


This type of wiper arm is called as such because it resembles a bayonet's lift and release feature. A spring lock that's located on the rear of the wiper arm is responsible for its easy-release function. Though in other versions, a latch takes the place of the spring lock.

Dead Lock

The dead lock is perhaps the simplest type of wiper arm available in the market. To release the dead lock wiper arm, all you've got to do is to push a button that's found directly under the wiper.

Repair Guides

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Installing New Wiper Arms

Driving through a storm isn't a good situation to be in. You'll be in an even worse one if your wipers are malfunctioning. You wouldn't be able to see properly-if at all-through your windshield if one of your wipers isn't able to carry out its job due to a faulty arm. So before you find yourself in such a nightmarish scenario, ensure that your wipers are always in good condition. If one wiper is moving slow or is completely unusable, then it's definitely time to replace that wiper's arm. It's recommended that you replace both wiper arms on your car even though only one is broken. Don't worry as the wiper arm is one of the easiest parts to replace in an automobile.

Note: There are different kinds of wiper arms available in the market. Get replacements that are suitable for your car. Those who have dead lock type wiper arms won't need this guide because all that they'd have to do is to push a button to release the wiper arm.

Difficulty: Easy

Tools You'll Need:

  • Small screwdriver or the special wiper removal tool (depends on the type of wiper you have
  • Socket (only necessary for those who have wipers that are held by bolts)

Step 1: Before anything else, find the switch for the wipers inside your car and make sure that it's set to "off".

Step 2: Just like when cleaning the windshield, lift both wiper arms.

Note: Skip to Step 5 if your wiper isn't held by a bolt as you can easily pry off the wiper arms using the special removal tool or a screwdriver. Even a coin is enough in some cases.

Step 3: Start working on the broken wiper arm by locating the cover that conceals the wiper's bolt. Take the cover off (a screwdriver can help) so that you'd have access to the bolt.

Step 4: Once the bolt is in plain view, take it out using the appropriate socket and set it aside. The wiper arm should come off now. Be gentle when removing it though.

Step 5: Install the new wiper arm in place of your old one. You can check if it's positioned correctly by comparing it to your other wiper arm (the one you haven't replaced yet). Once your new wiper arm is set properly, place the bolt that you removed back into its place.

Step 6: Repeat all steps for your other wiper arm.

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