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If your wipers are acting all funny, maybe you don't need an entire replacement windshield wiper assembly but just a new wiper linkage. As you know, the linkage is an integral part of the assembly that keeps the wipers sufficiently adjustable and firm as they clear your windshield of rain, snow and other visibility blockers. Over time, linkages tend to receive significant damage from wear and tear and the elements until they are no longer fit for further use. Continue using your old, worn linkages and the windshield itself may receive ugly scratches that will be hard to get rid of. So to restore your wipers' proper operation and to save more on replacement parts, why not install new linkages? Aftermarket linkages are rigorously engineered from the finest materials that make them last a very long time. And since they're accurately machined after OEM specs, their fit is always perfect. You don't even need to bring your vehicle to the auto repair shop 'cause a DIYer like you can pull the job off yourself. To get a heavy-duty wiper linkage, check out our extensive catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer up to 70% off on regular retail prices plus super speedy and secure shipping! Save more on wiper repair today by ordering a new wiper linkage.

Buying Guides

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Different Wiper Linkages for Different Wipers

The wiper linkage is a crucial part for the wiper assembly to work. Overtime, this may deteriorate, rust, or snap making them useless. Then, power from the motor wouldn't be transferred to the blades cleaning your windshield. To replace your car's bad linkage, it helps if you have an idea of the type of assembly you for your car.

Wiper systems

Car manufacturers use different styles of wiper assemblies. Each type differs from each other based on the movement of the arms and the focus target wiped on the windshield. Here are the systems available for most cars on the road:

  1. Tandem system: This is the most common of all styles. It uses two wiper blades that raise towards one side of the windshield in tandem ? hence the name. The two overlap near the driver's side for better visibility during driving.
  2. Opposed system: Similar to the tandem system, this also uses two blades to clean the windshield. The difference is that each blade rises to opposite sides, away from each other. The overlap focuses mostly on the middle. To achieve this motion, the pivot points are located towards the side.
  3. Single arm: This type of system uses one long wiper blade that should be able to clean the whole windshield. It comes in two subtypes: controlled and steady. With the controlled single arm, the driver is able to adjust the pivot point of the blade for a wider range.
  4. Driver position: This style uses one small wiper blade that only the part that's directly in front of the driver. Rarely is this type used, but it is still available on certain applications.

Linkage location

The linkages' placement can also differ. It can either be depressed or non-depressed. The only difference between the two is that the depressed is hidden under the hood when not in use. Non-depressed ones on the other hand are exposed.

The blades of each style move differently and can be fixed in different ways. For every type, there is a linkage designed to be fitted to a certain style.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Quick and Easy Wiper Linkage Repair

Snowy and rainy seasons really do a good job of giving your wipers a workout. Hence, it is always important to prepare you and your car for these harsh conditions by having a wiper assembly capable of handling the elements for you. One part you can work on is the wiper linkage. Ensure that it is connected to the wiper arms and free from rust. If it shows any signs of damage, change it at once by following this easy repair guide.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set
  • Replacement wiper linkage

Step 1: Start the repair by disconnecting the car's battery terminals.

Step 2: Pull the wiper blades away from the windshield to its full upright position. Next, remove it from the car by using a socket wrench on the bolt holding it in place. This bolt is located under a plastic cowl. The cowls may crack when you do the repair under cold weather, so be a little careful. There may also be some push pin retainers for the blades you have to remove as well.

Step 3: Even with the bolt off, the wiper blades may need some force to completely disconnect it from the assembly. Give it a firm, yet guided pull to disconnect them.

Step 4: Pop the hood to access the rest of the wiper assembly. Look for the can-shaped wiper motor located near the firewall. Remove the bolts of the motor from the firewall and pull it out off the wiper linkage.

Step 5: With the motor off, you can now work on the linkage. Use your socket wrench to loosen the bolt holding the linkage in place. There are only a few bolts needed to remove for this. Once all bolts are out, pull the linkage by hand.

Step 6: Grab your new wiper linkage and install it to the assembly. Secure each end to each wiper blade arm with the bolts.

Step 7: Return the other parts of the assembly such as the motor and wiper arms.

Step 8: Reconnect the car's battery to finish the installation. Start your car to test if your wipers work properly. Observe if both move and move as far as its range.


  1. For exposed linkages, you can put lubrication like a silicone spray to protect the linkage from corrosion and early wear.
  2. Put a fine water mist on the windshield for testing to prevent scratching the glass because of dry wiper blades.

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