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Located right at your windshield is your windshield wiper. With cabin controls that can conveniently be accessed when you need your field vision be cleared out, it runs with a windshield wiper motor that puts the wiper to work. Electric motors are typically reliable. The only problem is when it stays on for too long as it age. Although stock wiper motors are crafted to last, they will eventually need replacement to continually enjoy its efficient service. As a safety component, you need to take particular attention to the working state of the part. Investing with quality part replacement is a more practical solution to maintenance because putting up with faulty motors compromises driving and road safety. Windshield wiper motor is located right at the heater wiper motor tray. Due to water and dust or debris intrusion to the stator mechanism, rusting may occur on contact points. Failure begins when your wiper blades start getting stuck or intermittently stop across the windshield or when turned off. In case it continually goes even when turned off, pulling off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling the motor may be a temporary solution. Before replacing the part, you must first inspect the associated relays, connectors, and wirings. With proper cleaning for maintenance, you may extend the life efficiency of your electric motor. Once the part goes beyond repair, immediately find replacement as a safety precaution while driving any possible road and traffic conditions. Investing with safety is never wrong economy. Making sure that your windshield wiper motor is always in proper working condition gets you to your destination through any possible weather or driving conditions. By keeping your windshields clean, you may enjoy pleasurable cruising with your vehicle. By effectively cutting your cleaning time and costs, it makes a great valued investment yielding miles and years of reliable service without needing replacement. Our side carries great selection of vehicle specific applications available for your next part replacement. Go on and seal your windshield wiper deals with us to complete your replacement needs right at your fingertips.

Repair Guides

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Keeping Your Windshield Clear: Wiper Motor Replacement

A clear view of the road is essential in any driving activity. During rainy days, water and moisture blocks the driver's windshield, making the vehicle at risk for road accidents. The wiper motor is the one responsible for setting the wiper arms into motion, making your car's windshield free of water and other weather elements. If your wiper motor malfunctions or breaks down, it should be replaced immediately.

Change your wiper motor with these few steps:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools to be used:

  • Open-end wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench set

Step 1: Use an open-end wrench to disconnect your vehicle's negative battery cable. Put the cable out of the way to ensure that it doesn't touch any metal parts.

Step 2: Look for the bolts that connect the wiper blade arms to the wiper motors. Unbolt these screws using a screwdriver. Pull out the wiper arms and set them aside.

Step 3: Disconnect the cover plate with a screwdriver and remove the electrical wiring connections from the wiper motor. Put the electrical wirings aside, so it wouldn't interfere with your repair.

Step 4: Detach the windshield wiper motor with a socket wrench. Then, pull out the nuts from the firewall. Pull out the old wiper motor and set the new one in place.

Step 5: Tighten the nuts using a socket wrench to secure the motor's attachment to the firewall.

Step 6: Reconnect the electrical wiring harness to the wiper motor using a socket wrench. Return the wiper arms in a straight up position. This enables you to reattach the wiper blade arms easily.

Step 7: Return the cover plate by sliding it over the wiper motor and setting it into position. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws to the frame.

Step 8: Connect the windshield wiper blade arms to the wiper motor with tightened screws. Reattach the negative battery cable to your car's battery using an open-end wrench.

Step 9: Turn your vehicle's ignition on and test if the windshield wiper blade motor is working correctly. Let it run for a minute or so and turn it off when you are done.

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