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Picture this: you're driving in deserted country roads when your wiper arms literally come off as your old wiper pivot assembly gives way. Now, imagine that it's raining heavily or there's so much road dirt that you can't clearly see what's up ahead. Finally, picture a two-ton truck in full speed hurtling toward your direction. Of course, that's a nightmare scenario that may not happen to everyone, but the point is, you just can't risk driving without properly working wipers if you want to be completely safe on the road. The pivot on the assembly loosens in time and the teeth get damaged until you can't securely attach a wiper arm on it anymore. If your pivot assembly shows similar signs of damage, it's a ticking time bomb so chuck it out and install a new one immediately. There are many aftermarket wiper pivot assemblies today that are rigorously engineered from extremely durable materials for an extended lifespan. Installing one is very easy since these assemblies are precision-machined to match OEM specs. To get a heavy-duty but affordable wiper pivot assembly, check out our catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our Price Match Guarantee means that if you find a cheaper assembly elsewhere, we'll match its price for you! It would be foolish to endanger your own life just because of a faulty windshield wiper system, so order a new wiper pivot assembly today.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Wiper Essentials: Shopping for a Wiper Pivot Assembly

A system is only as strong as its weakest component. When it comes to your wipers, that vulnerability is the point at which your wiper's pivots-particularly, your wiper pivot assembly. This part comes under a lot of stress and strain from the constant motion of the wipers-especially at faster speeds. One would think that shopping for this particular part would be a simple and straightforward affair, but one would be wrong! There are a few things you need to look out for to get the part right.

The same difference

A wiper is wiper, so shouldn't it be the same across all the different vehicles ever made? The answer is: no. If you look at the different wiper pivot assemblies out there in the market, you will find that they vary from one another in many different ways. These differences are what you have to look into very carefully.

Location, location, location

Sometimes, when you browse through a catalog, they do not clearly state where the assembly being advertised is supposed to go. This is very crucial. The price and form between different wiper assemblies is nothing to laugh at. So figure out from the offset whether it is for the driver side-normally more expensive-or for the passenger side-which is cheaper because this side is slaved to the driver side wiper.

It's complicated

Another thing that you need to look into is the complexity of the arrangement of your wiper pivot assembly-again, you cannot deviate from that. Some assemblies are as simple as metal rods joined together (these are cheaper) and others incorporate huge plastic protrusions embedded onto specially cut steel frames (these are more costly). This is simply the type of part where you cannot determine quality from price.

The right match

All the points mentioned above are clues to help you make a match that is perfect for you ride. There are easier ways to find the right matching part, though. The first way is to look for the part number. Usually, if not printed on the body of the pivot assembly itself, this information will be in the vehicle's manual. These handy numbers help to find parts that are a perfectly fitting replacement-just line up the numbers!

The second way is convenient, but still requires you to do some homework. You could shop online, and use the handy specialized search engines they have embedded on-site. These allow you to specify make and model, as well as the specific year. While this does narrow it down, it is an imperfect system. Before you "buy" with that mouse, double check the features-call in if you have to!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Wiper Pivot Assembly Replacement Made Easy

Is your wiper acting up? Well, your wiper pivot assembly gets a lot of workout time especially during the rainy season. Being vulnerable and under so much stress makes it the component most to blame when you wiper breaks down. If you have new one, instead of bringing it down to a shop to be installed for you, why not undertake the task yourself! It's a matter of following this step-by-step guide patiently.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you will need:

  • New wiper pivot assembly
  • Screwdriver set
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Clean rags
  • Wiper cleaner

Step 1: Before proceeding, disengage the negative battery terminal, and wait for 30 minutes at the least.

Step 2: Carefully remove the old wiper pivot assembly from the wiper mounting arm and the pivot shafts.

Step 3: Take out both cowl vent screens-left and right.

Step 4: Disconnect the linkage drive arm/windshield wiper mounting arm-take off the pivot shafts as well.

*Note* Remove the securing clips first!

Step 5: Unscrew the bolts and screws holding the windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shafts to the cowl-slowly remove them from the cowl chamber after and wipe them clean.

Step 6: Install the wiper mounting arm and pivot shafts within the cowl chamber-secure them tightly with the retaining bolts and screws.

Step 7: Reconnect the linkage drive arm/windshield wiper mounting arm and the pivot shafts that you removed in Step 4 before replacing the securing clip.

Step 8: Put back in the cowl vent screens-left and right.

Step 9: Install the new wiper pivot assembly.

Step 10: Reconnect the battery, start your vehicle, and test the installation out.

Safety tip:

Use the insulated gloves on this one! You will be handling a lot of metallic surfaces and, even with the battery disconnected, you want to take care not to get a nasty electrical shock.

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