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Yoke Eliminator Kit

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Vibrations can be a nuisance when you’re driving on the road. If you’re experiencing this on a regular basis, you might want to inspect your suspension system parts and locate the source of the problem. For some lifted vehicles, the problem may lie with the slip yokes. These parts can be found on the transfer case’s output shaft and, as the name implies, they are built to slip and provide extra length on the drive shaft. On lifted vehicles, the slip yoke may cause nasty vibrations, but you can easily get rid of the annoying shaking with a complete yoke eliminator kit. Using this handy kit, you’ll be able to elevate and lift your vehicle by a few inches off the ground to eliminate driveline vibrations. It also allows you to remove the transfer case drop, giving you at least an inch of ground clearance and maybe even more. Aside from that, your vehicle’s transfer case will be moved up and further away from damaging road elements such as rocks and debris. Use this kit to replace the stock slip yoke portion of your transfer case for a vibration-free ride.--end--If you want an affordable yoke eliminator kit, check our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our massive inventory carries over two million automotive parts, accessories, tools, and kits, all reasonably priced to suit your budget. We also have the biggest discounts and cheapest deals in town, so you'll get the best value for your money and save more cash when you shop with us. Why pay for more when you can get everything here for less? And, why search and shop elsewhere when you can find all the stuff your vehicle needs right here with just a few clicks of your mouse button? We make online shopping more convenient and hassle-free with our website’s great, time-saving features. Ever tried our part finder feature? No? Feel free to use it whenever you’re browsing our site to find the precise replacement part for your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Once you hit the search button, results will be shown instantly, and you can easily choose the perfect part for your ride. Aside from our affordable prices and helpful features, we also have free shipping for orders of $50 and above. So, what more can you ask for? Purchase a new yoke eliminator kit from our catalog today and enjoy these fantastic deals!