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            AC Delco Products

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            AC Delco: Changing the Game in Automotive Innovation

            The French is known for their innovative spirit, and French bicyclist Albert Champion-the man who began an automotive part manufacturing business now known as AC Delco-is no stranger to modernization. Champion began manufacturing spark plugs in 1905. His company, which was then called the Champion Ignition Company, paved the way for the formation of AC Spark Plugs, a name that shortly made history in the world of aviation and innovation. American aviators Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart used AC spark plugs for their transatlantic flight.

            By 1908, the success of AC Spark Plugs began to go downhill. To save what was left of the company, Champion collaborated with William C. Durant, owner of the Buick Motor company, to establish General Motor's AC Spark Plug division. A merger between AC Spark Plug and United Delco (formerly United Motors Service) took place, and AC Delco was born.

            Today, AC Delco manufactures not only spark plugs, but also several other vehicle aftermarket parts for all automotive makes and models. The company, which has already tapped markets outside the United States and Canada, continues to engineer high-quality automotive parts.

            Reliable and economical automotive battery

            A constant supply of electricity is essential in keeping certain systems in your vehicle working. The battery will be your main power source before you crank your engine and the alternator starts charging. Because of that set-up, it will be the one to power up the lights, radio, clock, power windows and more. When you click on the ignition, the electric pulse will flow through the wires to the starter and the rest of the components that need the jolt. This is why a reliable battery should be used with your vehicle.

            In AC Delco, you can choose from its line-up of batteries specifically designed for your vehicle applications. Among the selection is the AC Delco Professional Gold Battery. It contains a high-density negative paste for optimum performance and longevity. The job of holding the battery contents together is up to the thoughtful design of its ribbed case. This has undergone adequate testing to ensure its durability. A sturdy enclosure can prevent leaks and damage to the rest of the components.

            Dependable high-quality alternator

            Once you have your vehicle running, the battery shares the load of supplying energy to your ride with the alternator. This electricity generator is driven by the movement in your engine block via belts. As it churns, it sends power to the different electric components connected to the system. It is expected throughout your drive as long as the engine keeps running. AC Delco offers both new and remanufactured alternators. These are professionally assembled to follow strict specifications. This can help in keeping a steady of supply of electricity even when all your components are switched on.

            Capable air conditioner compressor

            Maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature inside the vehicle can help keep the driver and the passengers. The compressor is responsible for moderating the refrigerant that goes through the cooling system. AC Delco is responsible for providing this product as well. The Professional V5 Compressor is built and tested to be a suitable replacement part to your old part. It will be able to handle the same demands during your drive. Aside from that, it comes along with a competitive warranty coverage.

            AC Delco Air Filter

            When you shop for quality and precision fitting engine air filter replacements, sticking with quality and heavy duty products could lead you to sealing great deals on great valued products. Rewarding your engine with top of the line auto-part replacement easily restores of re-establishes engine performance. To address the structural weaknesses of conventional filter replacements, AC Delco Air Filter makes use of a sophisticated filtration technology and filtering media. As the proud manufacturer of outstanding line of engine filters, the product features a specially impregnated filtering media that could handle for up to 10,000 gallons of air per gallon of consumed gasoline. By yielding better air-fuel ratio, the part could effectively boost engine performance by boosting combustion efficiency. With substantial increases to overall engine output, your ride could follow the course of your driving style with no fail. So go on and fire up your engine performance with top quality AC Delco Air Filters.

            AC Delco Door Contact Switch

            Your vehicle is composed of various components that complete your entire vehicle make up. One of the indispensable car components on your vehicle are the doors. They do not get much attention, but they provide you with safety and protection. Your car door is equipped with a component called the door contact switch. This vehicle component is located in facing relationship with the door and chassis. When the door is open, the circuit connected to the door control switch is open. The same thing goes when the door is closed. Actually, there are three types of door contact switches: the recessed door contact switches, surface mounted door contact switches, and the overhead mounted door contact switches. Door contact switches make it easier for you to open and close your doors so you need to have a reliable one. AC Delco is one of the manufacturers of premium quality products, and one of this is the AC Delco door contact switch.

            AC Delco Door Lock Cylinder

            One of the many parts that we tend to disregard when inspecting our vehicles is the car door. But actually, car doors are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, because without it, you would not be able to easily get inside and outside of your vehicle. Car doors are employed with a locking mechanism that coordinates the activities of the components comprising it. The locking mechanism in your car door is made up of several components to perform its primary function. Among the many parts of your door locking mechanism is the door lock cylinder. This vehicle component is located near the window pillar. This is where the car key is inserted to lock or unlock your car door. The market offers various kinds of door lock cylinder if you want to replace your factory installed part. You might consider buying an AC Delco door lock cylinder if you want to get the most out of your money.

            AC Delco Headlight Switch

            Driving lights like your headlights delivers an increased range of road illumination so you and approaching vehicle will be cautioned to accident free driving while managing any possible road and traffic conditions. By effectively communicating your vehicle's position while providing accurate road perspective, you can easily and safely cut through all weather and all season of driving. Although you keep your stylish headlights in near perfect working conditions, they will do no good once the headlight switch starts fouling up. Keep track of the working conditions of the part to establish your vehicle's driving safety features. Find immediate replacement to faulty stock switch so you can continually enjoy the service of your stylish pair of driving lights. To meet precise OEM specifications, AC Delco Headlight Switch are manufactured within high standards for quality assurance to ensure dependable service that lasts. As the product makes use of factory details for fitment and installation, instantly getting back the service of headlight is now conveniently possible.

            AC Delco Ignition Coil

            Does your vehicle start having ignition problems? Why not upgrade your factory installed ignition system components with AC Delco ignition system? Over the years, AC Delco has been one of the automotive industry's top choices for aftermarket replacement parts. One of their top grade products is the AC Delco ignition coil. This vehicle component is a transformer that provides the needed spark to the spark plugs to set your engine running. This induction coil converts your battery's 12 volts DC power to 40,000 volts. This jumps the spark plug gap that results to the ignition of the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. An AC Delco ignition coil is made up of primary and secondary windings that are mounted on a soft iron core. The primary windings contains about 150 turns of heavy copper wire, while the secondary winding contains about 15,000 to 30,000 turns of fine copper wire. The wires are insulated to prevent jumping and short circuit.

            AC Delco Ignition Lock Cylinder

            The ignition lock cylinder is the part where you stick your ignition key when starting your engine. Damage to the part is often caused by accidentally snapped key, corrosion, or attempted car thefts which only lead to a single solution so you can get back its service. Once unresponsive moments to ignition are experienced, this in an obvious indication that the part has failed. Finding immediate replacement comes necessary for your engine will never run with a faulty and unresponsive. Good thing heavy duty and precision fitting AC Delco Ignition Lock Cylinder are conveniently available as practical solutions to maintenance. Custom designed to your car's factory cylinder dimensions, the need for drilling and modifications for proper fitment are eliminated. Its high grade and steel construction is guaranteed to stay on longer so you can continually enjoy quick ignition and responsive engine performance. So go on and grab to get back the security features of your ride.

            AC Delco Ignition Module

            AC Delco has been committed to produce dependable and quality automotive parts to fit any import or domestic vehicle any car owner might have. Over the years, they have continuously improved their increasing product offerings to meet the growing needs of their clients. One of their extensive line-up of products is the AC Delco ignition module which features electronically welded connections. This construction helps in eliminating common cold joints and heat stress failure. Their laser trimming feature eliminates damage and deterioration, as well as provide precise values. You can install the AC Delco ignition module inside the distributor?either in the engine compartment or on the distributor housing. Installing an AC Delco ignition module would provide you with a lot of benefits. It will lessen arcing from the breaker point contacts, as well as produce faster switching speeds. This would definitely result to less wasted ignition energy and more power transported to the combustion chamber spark plugs to ignite fuel.

            AC Delco Ignition Switch

            All engine operations start with ignition switch access. Once unresponsive ignition performance starts, have the part checked for damages. Replacing your car ignition switch has never been more convenient and easier. With the availability of precision fitting online switch replacements, you can effective get back the ignition responses fast. Powering up your engine performance with AC Delco Ignition Switch makes excellent solution to establishing quick ignition. Generally, ignition switches are basic replacements. With AC Delco's careful attention to details, premium AC Delco Ignition Switch addresses the structural weaknesses of conventional switch replacements. The product's high grade and durable construction is guaranteed to deliver dependable and longer lasting performance. Because your engine is inoperable without the ignition process, there is no point delaying replacement to faulty parts. Go on and shop for your immediate auto-part replacement needs as practical solutions to maintenance. Stick with quality and heavy duty AC Delco Ignition Switch to continually enjoy your vehicle's unmatched riding and driving features longer.

            AC Delco Ignition Wire Set

            To establish better ignition responses, you need to wrap up your upgrades with premium AC Delco Ignition Wire Set to enjoy excellent results. In addressing the structural weaknesses of conventional ignition wire replacements, the product rewards your engine with better performing and highly efficient wire replacements or upgrades. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving, the durable and heavy duty construction of the product ensure product longevity and dependable service that lasts. As the part makes use of silicone insulation material to fits fiberglass braid, the product is guaranteed not to fade and wear prematurely. Hence, tough riding and driving conditions could cause early wear or damage without proper maintenance. Go on and have your engine equipped with top quality and precision fitting AC Delco Ignition Wire Set. Replace worn and damaged wires with tough and heavy duty AC Delco Ignition Wire Set. With minimum fuss on fitment and installation, you can effectively get back powerful ignition performance fast and easy.

            AC Delco Spark Plug

            To deliver the right spark timing to cross the gaps and deliver quick ignition and reduce fuel wastage, investing with performance grade and quality spark plug replacement could enhance the functionality of your car ignition. Due to the nature of the part's functionality, it will eventually give in to daily wear and tear. To sustain powerful engine performance, have your engine equipped with quality and precision fitting spark plug replacements. Putting your money on premium AC Delco Spark Plug ensures enhanced flame spread during ignition. Designed for anti-fouling performance, AC Delco Spark Plug features secondary microdischarges on the center electrode to minimize if not eliminate carbon deposits which could extend the part's service life. As the product incorporates a sophisticated ignition technology, it requires a substantially reduced amount of voltage for sparking to start engine running. Improved throttle response and exhaust emission levels are few of the gains offered by AC Delco Spark Plug so go on and leave your purchase on our online shopping store.

            AC Delco Turn Signal Switch

            The part that takes hold of the controls of your turn signal light operations is your turn signal switch. Located right beneath the steering wheel, the part is accessed to effectively communicate your vehicle's position and intentions of maneuver. Once the part starts fouling up, finding immediate replacement comes necessary for putting up with the damage plays around with driving safety. Fortunately, OEM-match and precision fitting AC Delco Turn Signal Switches are conveniently available to your specific vehicle applications as practical solutions to getting back the functionality of your signaling devices. As it comes pre-wired and designed to make use of factory fitment settings, product installation can be finished in minutes. Depending on the design specifications, AC Delco Turn Signal Switch is also designed to control headlight dimmer and wiper assembly operations to develop better functionality on the service of the part. With heavy duty and tough constructions, putting your money on AC Delco Turn Signal Switch guarantees product longevity and reliability.

            AC Delco Window Switch

            Stuck debris and contamination are common causes to window switch failure so routine cleaning schedules are advised to extend the part's service life. With the availability of precision fitting AC Delco window switch, there is no point prolonging the agony over the unresponsiveness of stock switches. Ditch the part for longer lasting and better looking ones to complement the cabin's look with great looking switch replacements. To meet precise OEM specifications, high quality and durable materials are used when manufacturing AC Delco window Switch. As a direct fit replacement to your stock part, the product makes use of your vehicle's factory fitment settings and dimensions to eliminate the need to cut or drill for fitment and installation. With the product's longevity and dependability features, convenient and responsive window control to adjustment and access is at hand. Go on and fit new and stylish AC Delco window Switch to establish highly responsive, convenient, and longer lasting controls to car windows.

            AC Delco Window Switch Panel

            Most modern cars are already equipped with power windows which make it easier to move the car windows up and down. This automotive innovation is made up of several working components that help in performing its intended function, and one of this is the window switch. The window switch is the motor that is responsible in controlling the movement of your power windows. You can usually locate this part located on the door?between the inner door panel and the outer steel of the door itself. This mechanism is protected by a vehicle component called the window switch panel. There are two kinds of window switch panel: the removable window switch panel and the built in window switch panel. The type of window switch panel depends upon the construction of your vehicle make or model. If your window switch panel becomes damaged, you can replace it with an AC Delco window switch panel that can be purchased at car parts stores.

            AC Delco Products

            When shopping for any replacement auto part, you shouldn’t consider OE fit and quality alone. Yes, an OE component will make your car work like new, giving you the kind of performance that you enjoyed when you took your car from the dealership. However, wouldn’t you like something better? Wouldn’t you want to have something more? If you think that’s not possible, AC Delco will prove you wrong! This company is a leading manufacturer of replacement car parts and accessories, and it has more than 100,000 auto parts in its selection. And while all its parts are designed for replacing factory car components, they boast of quality that exceeds OE characteristics. All parts from the company are designed for great performance. Its filters have great trapping capacity, and they can block particles as small as one third of the size of a human hair. Some of its filters can even trap bad odors, so you always get fresh air. Meanwhile, its batteries are ideal for a wide range of vehicles tackling a great variety of driving conditions. No matter how harsh the driving environment, you can expect AC Delco batteries to keep your car running. Additionally, the spark plugs that the brand offers are backed by 100 years of continuous research and innovation. In fact, these plugs are used not only in the automotive industry but also in other applications. Other performance parts from the company are its fuel pumps, alternators and starters, brakes, and a lot more. All of these are performance oriented, so you can be sure they’ll give you the best in terms of efficiency.

            Aside from their quality, another good thing about AC Delco parts is their availability. The company partners with leading suppliers to ensure that its products reach a wide range of car owners and enthusiasts. We at Auto Parts Warehouse are among its top partners. When you browse our catalog, you’ll find a wide range of parts from the brand, from its major components to smaller supporting devices. All of these parts are offered at reasonable prices, and they even come with a Low Price Guarantee. This ensures that they’re the lowest-priced components in the market today. If you find a similar product somewhere that is cheaper, just get in touch with us and we’ll match or beat the price of the said product. Want some more savings? Well, you can avail of free shipping if your order amounts to $50 or more. You can also sign up on our email deals to get updates about upcoming promos and discounts on our offered parts. If you need parts from companies other than AC Delco, we can also help you. We have parts from other manufacturers, and you can get them easily via our user-friendly catalog. All you have to do is to use our search bar or part finder to easily find what you need. If you have questions, you can try our toll-free hotline for assistance. Shop here today and enjoy top quality.

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