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ACCEL: The Industry-Leader in Performance Ignition Products for Domestic and Import Engines

When it comes to performance ignition and fuel system components, ACCEL is one of the brands that have long proven its worth whether on the drag strips and race tracks across the globe or on the street. This brand has been a leader in providing the automotive world with a wide selection of performance parts, including its growing line of SuperCoils, ignition wires, fuel injectors and digital fuel injection systems, rotors, distributors, spark plugs, tune-up kits, and more. But ACCEL didn't stop there. Backed by its more than four decades of industry experience, this brand is constantly engineering innovative performance products to meet the hot rodders' varying demands.

Now among the premier brands under the well-regarded Holley Performance Products, ACCEL became even more driven in providing every car owner with state-of-the-art products that are designed to unleash the engine's full potential.

High performance ignition coils

If there's one product lineup ACCEL is more than proud of engineering, that's its ignition coils, specifically the SuperCoils. Designed to draw more power out of an engine with a blower, nitrous system, or a turbo, the SuperCoils will deliver more of your much-needed spark energy to ignite the air-and-fuel mixture even at much-higher cylinder pressures. Compared to stock ignition coils, the SuperCoils come with precision-made magnetic steel cores as well as advanced resistance, windings, and turns ratios, making them capable of providing the engine with up to 15% more energy. These ignition coils also boast of high-temperature epoxy that's resistant to shock and vibration without compromising its exceptional thermal conductivity.

The SuperCoils are direct replacements for your ride's OEM coils. They are available for a wide variety of applications, including coil-on-plug SuperCoils for late-model Fords, HEI In-Cap SuperCoils for HEI ignition systems and the later-model, computer-operated HEI systems, universal SuperCoils… and the list goes on, especially now that ACCEL has added import applications.

Durable spark plug wires

Besides the "super" ignition coils, ACCEL also carries the perfect spark plug wires for almost any application. Be it universal or custom wires, with graphite or copper core, single wire replacement kit or spark plug wire set, ACCEL got you covered. Though each type of spark plug wire from this brand differs in specs, there are some things they all have in common, and that include low resistance 500 ohm core, high resistance to extreme engine heat, and specialized core wire that conducts maximum spark energy. Among ACCEL's in-demand spark plug wires are Super Stock, Spiral, Extreme 900 ceramic, ThunderSport, and Ferro-Spiral.

Reliable tune up kits

Because an auto tune up means better engine performance and improved fuel economy, ACCEL makes sure to offer tune up kits for virtually any vehicle. Depending on what you need and your ride's specific application, ACCEL can provide you with either a tune-up kit that contains only specific accessories like points and condensers or a comprehensive kit that includes high-performance distributor caps and rotor, spark plug wires, and spark plugs. True to its commitment of providing the industry with performance products that match the advancements in automotive technology, ACCEL provides every pickup truck, van, and Jeep owner with the complete tune up kit they need to perk up their ride's engine.

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