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            Access Products

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            Access: Providing Tested, Trusted, and Guaranteed High-Quality Roll-up Covers

            It was in the year 1991 when Agri-Cover, Inc. (ACI) first introduced the Access roll up bed truck cover in the market. Since then, the said company earned good reputation from among its patrons. Undeniably, the company wanted to monopolize the production and distribution of roll-up covers in the market. Other companies attempted to enter this kind of production, but none of them became as successful as Access. The company committed to bring only high-quality products to their clients. As it put it-Access produces only tested, trusted and guaranteed genuine covers, which will fulfill both the needs and wants of the clients.

            Elegant and functional roll-up tonneau cover

            It is believed that a truck is not fully-functional without attaching a roll-up tonneau cover. This is true to all truck owners. In short, without it, the truck is a piecemeal. In purchasing a tonneau, one should consider the function, security, and looks it will give to his truck.

            The low profile and smooth finish look of the Access tonneau cover improves truck's appearance without having to bargain away durability and performance. As to the style, it has a trademark of a slant back rear design, which gives a truck an attitude. Also, it has a really nice capered finish at the tailgate, making the truck stylish and classy as a whole. In addition, Access uses fabric seals to its tonneau cover, making it last longer than rubber seals, which are used by other companies. This makes it stands out among the rest.

            High-quality truck bed mat

            Aside from the roll-up tonneau cover, Access also produces equally reliable high-quality truck bed mats. These lightweight bed mats are made of 100 percent recycled soda and water bottles. An eco-friendly one, this product by Access became a major breakthrough because of the materials used. This is why the production drew a thin line between Access and the other manufacturers of truck bed mat in the market.

            The use of bed mat improves the durability of the truck bed. It protects the truck bed from cracking in case of embarking heavyweight cargos.

            ADARAC truck bed rack system

            Adarac is a trademarked product of Access. It is designed to be compatible with the other products of Access for easy installation. It can be effortlessly attached and removed from every truck's stake pockets. Made of 1.25 steel tubes with Gator shield rust proofing, this rack system is tested to be durable, streamlined, and long-lasting. It is verified to handle up to 500 pounds load and functions great as a work rack. It is even made to be adjustable in order to fit behind the cab without compromising the looks of it.

            Adarac bed rack system is made to be model specific, mostly for Ford, GM, and Ram Pickup trucks. For a truck owner, he will find that Adarac is a sign of good craftsmanship because of its good quality solid gauge material and excellent wielding and paint job.

            Access Tonneau Cover

            An Access cover is a practical and stylish addition to any truck. Manufactured since the late 1980's by Agri-cover, Inc., an Access cover is made of durable double-coated vinyl and maintains its flexibility, even in extreme temperatures. With proper cleaning and care, an Access cover is sure to last for years. Installing an Access cover is a simple process, and with the straightforward directions that come with each Access cover, it typically takes the average customer under one hour. Our user-friendly website will help you to find the right Access cover for your vehicle, and our encryption methods ensure that online ordering is secure. If you prefer to order your Access cover by telephone, we also have a toll-free number available.

            Access Tonneau Cover

            If you actually use your pick-up truck to carry or move things, then you are going to want to invest in an Access Tonneau Cover. Made for a broad range of makes and models, a vehicle specific Access Tonneau Cover is designed to fit your particular truck perfectly. The durable double-coated vinyl will protect for years, provided that it is treated with a bit of basic care. An Access Tonneau Cover can be counted on to function smoothly, and is available in styles that accommodate toolboxes and other truck bed accessories. Order your Access Tonneau Cover today, using our secure online ordering system or our toll-free number, and your truck will soon have the superior protection it deserves.

            Access Products

            Most pickup truck owners are familiar with Access. And why not, this company is an innovator in the tonneau cover industry. It’s the name behind the most sought after roll up tonneau cover. Tonneau covers are soft or hard materials designed to cover the truck bed to protect the cargos and the flooring of the bed from damaging elements and to give the truck a smooth and sleek look. There are different cover designs in use today, but the roll up variety remains to be the most popular for different reasons. The primary reason is ease of use. While hard covers are quite difficult to work with because of their weight and their bulk, the roll up cover from Access can be used even by a novice. All you have to do is to lock it via the latching device that it comes with in order to cover the bed. When not in use, simply release the lock and roll the cover up to the back of your truck’s rear window. It features a storage strap that guarantees to secure the cover in place. Another factor that makes the roll up cover easy to work with is the use of vinyl as its main covering material. Although lightweight, the vinyl material is treated and reinforced to resist extreme temperatures. It remains flexible even in very cold and hot temps, and it also doesn’t fade even after continuous exposure to UV rays. The Access cover also comes with bars and rails, so it’s guaranteed to hold itself well even when exposed to pressure. Plus, it comes with complete seals on all sides, giving you the assurance that it will keep the bed and all your cargos safe underneath it. All these benefits make the said cover the top choice of many truck owners. And now, the company already offers other related truck parts aside from tonneau covers. It now offers bed racks to increase the functionality of your truck bed, plus tonneau cover hardware to help make installation of your new cover easy.

            So, are you ready to get a new Access tonneau cover or other parts from the company? You’re at the right place! Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we offer a complete selection of tonneau covers from leading truck accessories makers. We also have other parts for your truck, as well as components for various makes and models of vehicles. If you need anything to replace a damaged part, upgrade your vehicle’s performance, or simply accessorize your auto, you can be sure that our selection carries everything that you need. All the parts here are just a few clicks away, and they’re all reasonably priced. Want to shop but you’re outside US? That’s not a problem anymore! We now offer international shipping, so your location should not be a hindrance when you’re shopping. Check our selection now and click on the Access part that you need. After you place your order, we’ll ship the part immediately—expect to receive it in a few days!

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