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            Accu Form Products

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            ACCU Form: Giving your Aged Vehicle a Younger Look

            Founded in the year 1981, ACCU Form is the only source of the true hybrid, high temperature interior dash skin and dash cap. Since then, it has become a trusted supplier of replacement door panels, automotive interior pieces, and 3D polycarbonate translucent signs. The products do not necessarily replace worn parts. They are just attached on top of the old one to improve vehicle interior. Admittedly, its product lines are just the same with others; however there are quite a number of important features that sets its products apart from the rest in the market.

            The products that ACCU Form offers have UV protection. This implies that longevity is not issues as this feature guarantees that the products resist UV rays that may possibly make them look dull after some time. The plastic products are laminated with a layer of special UV resistant material. This makes the products to last long and preserve its vivid surface. In addition, the brand encourages DIY by assembling the products for easy installation. In fact, most can be installed using only a tool kit at home.

            Dash cover that conceals vehicles' true age

            Manufacturers nowadays, apart from those who are into restorations for problematic engines, have found solutions even to minor cracks and flaws on a vehicle. Normally, vehicles get damaged over time due to constant use and everyday wear. But the good things is, there are car add-ons manufacturers like ACCU Form that offers products, such as the dash cover, that even though they don't totally eliminate the problem, they at least conceal it for a better-looking interior.

            ACCU Form dash cover is an inexpensive product that effectively hides few cracks and splits on the dashboards. Made of durable and precision-formed plastic, this product hides the tears that normally brought by the effect of sun rays and heats. In addition, this product comes in different colors and can easily be installed by the car owner.

            High-quality console lid cover

            ACCU Form console lid cover is made of high-quality and durable materials. This is to ensure that the product will last long and will not need restoration again and again. This product is a proof that the company is determined to achieve the demand of the customers by giving them the best and high-quality automotive accessories.

            ACCU Form console lid covers are designed with elegance and style. They make the vehicles interior an eye candy. They are made intently to go along with the trend a car owner wants. While the lid protects the content of the vehicle's console, it also adds taste to its interior.

            Long-wearing door trim panel

            Just like the products already mentioned above, ACCU Form door trim panel is another fine model of good-quality and chic. It is guaranteed to improve the vehicle's cabin and helps achieve that ideal interior that would make it a visual feast. Apart from the good looks it will bring to the vehicle, the brand also gives importance and emphasis on the resiliency of the materials used. By making the products with chosen good-quality materials, there is an assurance that they will last long as time goes by. This implies that though they may be exposed to damaging elements, which can depreciate their value, rest assured that they won't easily deteriorate and fade.

            Accu Form Arm Rest

            We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam more than once. And whenever we get caught in that situation, we often find ourselves trying to look for a way to rest our weary arms from holding the steering wheel. So if you want a convenient way to rest your tired arm, your car must be equipped with an Accu Form arm rest. The Accu Form arm rest is an accessory that can be installed on your vehicle’s door by sliding it between the window pane and the door panel. This component gives you a place where you can lean and rest your arm. To make you feel more comfortable and to give you adequate support when leaning, this arm rest is equipped with a foam pad and a polypropylene base. This gives it the strength to endure the weight of your arm. So if you find yourself stuck on the road while waiting for the traffic to move, why not lean on the Accu Form arm rest? For more details, check our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Accu Form Arm Rest Cover

            Leaning on your vehicle’s arm rest when driving or waiting for the traffic to move is almost always instinctive. Not only does it make opening and closing your car’s doors easier, it also gives your arm a comfortable resting place. However, like other parts, the arm rest can wear out over time. So, to keep it looking new, you need the Accu Form arm rest cover. This accessory helps maintain the quality of your arm rest and keeps it protected from damaging elements. It acts as your arm rest’s first line of defense and shields your arm rest from rain, snow, the sun’s UV rays, dirt, and grime, thus enabling it to retain its original quality. It comes in different types as well, so you can choose one that will complement your vehicle’s interior design. So if you need an accessory that can both stylize and protect your vehicle’s armrest, simply browse through our online catalog and place an order for your Accu Form arm rest cover at Auto Parts Warehouse now!

            Accu Form Console

            For most people, there are things they can’t be without. It could be a mobile phone, a PDA, glasses, toiletries, MP3 players, and other whatnots. While such items can be stored in your vehicle’s glove compartment, it isn’t as convenient as having them right by your side. So if you need an easily accessed storage space, just install an Accu Form console in your car. This product is a storage container installed between the driver and passenger seat. It’s large enough to hold different items. It also has a cup holder, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee while driving. So, if frequently reaching out to open your glove compartment for your things is becoming too much of a hassle, make your life easier with an Accu Form console. Luckily, we offer this useful product right here. To get one, just place an order from Auto Parts Warehouse’s online catalog now!

            Accu Form Dash Kit

            Imagine that you’re on a first date. Of course, making a good first impression is vital—you surely don’t want your date to think that you’re a slob, do you? So you need to make sure that your car is neat and clean at all times. One way of doing that is by installing an Accu Form dash kit. This kit contains various panels and parts to help enhance your dash board’s appearance. The Accu Form dash kit includes top-quality parts made from high-quality ABS plastic, which gives it the durability it needs to last. The kit’s parts are easy to install since they’re specifically constructed to fit the dashboard openings of your vehicle. It also comes in a wide array of colors and finishes, so you have plenty of designs to choose from. This gives you a chance to pick the set that complements your car’s interior. Since first impressions last, be sure that your car makes a good one by getting an Accu Form dash kit from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

            Accu Form Door Trim Panel

            Your car door houses a number of components, majority of which belong to your window and door handle assemblies. Aside from the fact that these parts aren’t appealing to look at, they also have complicated setups that are easily messed up. This is why it’s important to cover these parts well. To keep your car from looking unsightly and to protect you window’s and door handle parts, install an Accu Form door trim panel in your car. This product is made from molded plastic and is covered with UV-resistant material, protecting it from harmful elements. This product also comes with a set template to match the window mechanisms of your car. Also, it is very easy to install. All you need are mounting clips and you’re ready to go. The Accu Form door trim panel comes in standard black color, but it can be customized and painted over to match your vehicle’s interiors. So, keep your car doors neat and presentable with the Accu Form door trim panel. Use Auto Parts Warehouse’s online catalog and place an order for this product now.

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