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            ACI A/C Condenser

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            Some consider cars as their second home. It’s thus important to ensure that one’s car doesn’t only look like one, it should also feel like one. One way to do that is to make certain that its air conditioning system efficiently generates a cool temperature inside. A steady supply of cool air, of course, makes you and your passengers comfortable while in the car, especially on scorching hot summer days. To keep your vehicle’s A/C functional, get an ACI A/C Condenser. The ACI A/C Condenser helps ensure your A/C system’s efficiency by cooling down hot refrigerant gases. This product is made from aluminum, making it durable and heat-resistant. It’s also designed to fit right into your car, so you won’t have to make any difficult adjustments. Keeping things cool and comfortable is important to help you and your passengers enjoy your trip. So make sure you have an ACI A/C Condenser installed in your car. If you don’t, use Auto Parts Warehouse’s online catalog to place an order for this component now.

            ACI A/C Condenser Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 3
            • Price 5
            Overall Rating 4.3

            An air conditioning condenser works to take away the heat from your vehicle's cabin. However, it can't take the heat away from your need to buy its replacement, especially when it's broken. So, you'll need to do a lot of research into what's best suited for your automotive and lifestyle requirements. We can make this process a little bit easier by sharing our recent experience in replacing a 2001 Subaru Forester's condenser with one from the ACI brand. Here's what we found out:

            The ACI air conditioning condenser features:

            • Made of aluminum with a factory finish
            • Parallel flow-type original equipment replacement
            • Sold individually with a 12-month ACI limited warranty

            The pros:

            • We also found the price to be just right for our wallets since we were able to save around 150 USD.
            • The ACI condenser looked like a quality product when we inspected it for any damages before installing it in.
            • We tested if it would hold pressure and the condenser passed.
            • We went on a drive after our installation, and the Forester's air conditioner blasted ice cold air at us.
            • We've been using it for around two weeks now and we haven't encountered any leaks at all.
            • Still, we're quite glad that its covered by a one-year warranty.

            The cons:

            • It took us about 20 minutes just to install the ACI condenser because the top pipe was hitting other components on our Subaru.
            • One of the hose attachments was turned in the wrong direction as well. We had to do a few minor alterations to make the fit perfect.

            The verdict:

            The ACI air conditioning condenser isn't a perfect replacement product since we had some trouble fitting it into place thanks to the top pipe and hose attachment. However, we would say that the fit is about 90 percent right, so it's not a major problem. We would buy this product again, especially since the price is budget-friendly and since it's quality-made. It also performs well without any problems, so we're satisfied with our purchase. If you're looking for a new condenser, you could do worse things than buying one of these for your car.

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