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            Acura Parts and Accessories

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            About Acura

            Imagination Meets Innovation with Acura Vehicle Technology

            As Honda's premium luxury vehicle brand, Acura never failed to impress and has come up with some of the best innovations in automotive tech throughout the years. Started back in the mid-1980s, Acura was born from a decade of research which resulted in the aptly named vehicle, the Acura Legend. A direct result of Project XX, which was a joint venture between Honda and the Austin Rover Group, the Legend began the company's meteoric rise to popularity thanks to their bold sense of innovation, elegant aesthetics, and precision Japanese manufacturing. Today, Acura has launched a slew of advanced automotive tech that should soon be standard in most modern vehicles.

            Keeping an eye on your blind spot

            No matter how well designed, all cars will have a blind spot, which could prove to be a very dangerous handicap when you're in an emergency situation. Acura has solved that problem by introducing their advanced Blind Spot Alert System, which is designed to warn you when any object begins to move into your blind spots. Other manufacturers may have similar devices in their vehicles, but they only work with objects that are moving at high speeds. Acura's advanced system can pick up objects moving as slow as 6 miles per hour, which is really handy when you're in slow moving traffic or in tight parking situations.

            Advanced racing tech for the everyday driver

            Acura has been in motorsports for years, and they've constantly adapted their experience with racing technology for further use by the average driver. We're all familiar with the VTEC or Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control engine, which has given drivers unparalleled fuel efficiency and engine performance. But what most people are unfamiliar with are the more recent advances that they've placed in their vehicles today. Advanced devices such as tire pressure monitoring systems, super handling all-wheel drives, crash detection systems are now standard in most Acura vehicles. These innovative components and security systems have allowed several models to achieve the maximum five stars rating of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making them some of the safest vehicles today.

            Acura certainly does things differently, but it's their vivid imagination that's rooted in performance and practicality that sets them further apart from other manufacturers. You're sure to see more from Acura for years to come, so don't be surprised if they come with something that'll change the automotive scene soon enough.

            Acura Trivia

            Did you know?

            • Acura is recognized as Japan's first automotive luxury brand, and its success has led to other companies forming their own luxury divisions.

            • Despite being a relatively young brand, the first generations of Acura vehicles are now considered as classic cars.

            • Vehicles that have been around for 25 years or more qualify as classics, and the 1986 Acura Legend sedan was recognized as such during Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) back in July 8, 2011.

            • Acura is planning to bring back its popular NSX sports car (which last saw production back in 2005) by 2015. Robert Downey Jr. (as Tony Stark) drove one in "The Avengers" near the end of the movie.

            • Acura cars are known for their innovative design and sleek look, particularly their shield-like front ends. This is actually one reason why these cars are the perfect vehicles for SHIELD agents in the movie Thor. As they were featured in this sci-fi movie, the Acura RL, TL, ZDX, and MDX all had their two minutes of fame as the ever-dependable cars of the suit-clad heroes. But aside from its distinctive interior and exterior style, this car brand is also well-known for its precision-made performance and accessory components. From the exhaust tip and rear bumper to the cool-looking front end, you can expect nothing but only the best from Acura parts and accessories in terms of performance and durability.With the superb performance and comfort it offers to its passengers, it only deserves to get regular maintenance and proper servicing. So if you got an Acura vehicle, and you need add-on or replacement Acura parts and accessories for it, never go for products of questionable quality. Make sure to stick only to OE-quality Acura accessories and parts that are built to exactly match your car's specs and meet its high-performance demands. Because they're manufactured to be the same as the vehicle's original parts, they're easy to install and won't downgrade your car's performance. But before you pay for those Acura auto parts, make sure they're genuine OE components and not counterfeit ones. Using fake components on your car is not only illegal; because these aren't made to match your vehicle's specs and perform just like the stock Acura parts, chances are high they would just damage your car sooner or later.So to be 100% sure that what you're getting are authentic OE Acura parts, get them only from one of the leading and most trusted auto parts supplier on the internet-Auto Parts Warehouse. We got performance Acura parts for almost any system in your car, from mirrors and fenders to drivetrain and brake system components. For Acura accessories, we got a wide range of add-on components for your ride's interior and exterior. And almost all of them come with their manufacturers' warranties, so you get more assurance as to their quality. As a one-stop shopping destination for everything you need to keep your Acura in top condition, our site guarantees 24/7 customer support, huge discounts, and reliable payment options. So, order now and take advantage of our amazing deals you won't find anywhere else.