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            AEM Cam Gear Bolt

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            AEM Cam Gear Bolt Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 3.5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4.5
            Overall Rating 4.3

            AEM offers a line of performance cam gears that can provide increased power and torque via pinpoint cam gear timing, and included in this lineup is the AEM cam gear bolts. Packed in sets of 5, AEM cam gear bolts are designed to secure AEM cam gears on the vehicle's camshaft and keeping it firmly in place to allow for consistent, optimum timing every time. These bolts are typically included with the cam gear kit, although they can also be sold on their own. In this review, we tried out the AEM cam gear bolts ourselves to see if they are worth getting or not.


            • Grade-8, six-point hex bolts
            • Includes key way for specific vehicle makes and models
            • Made in the USA

            The upside

            • Durable construction. The AEM cam gear is designed to withstand highly stressful operating conditions, and the cam gear bolts are no exception to this. The bolts are made of high-grade steel which resists repeated adjustments, which is a common occurrence in aftermarket cam gears.
            • Comes with a key way included in the package. We find this to be a major advantage as it will make installation of the bolts and cam gear in general easier.
            • Relatively cheap cost for an aftermarket product. The bolts go for less than a dollar on AEM's webpage, which, considering that this is part of a performance product and made of high-quality steel, is a steal on its own.

            The downside

            • Best used along with AEM cam gears. The AEM cam gear bolts are designed for use alongside AEM's Tru-Time cam gears, and thus may not offer the same guarantee of performance and reliability if used with aftermarket cam gears from other brands.
            • Compatible with a select number of vehicle makes and models. Most of the cam gears that we saw being offered were designed for Japanese vehicles, particularly those by Honda.
            • Tends to get loose if not tightened properly. We noticed that the cam gear bolt tends to loosen itself if not tightened according to its specified torque, potentially leading to an open cam and a slipped differential. So if you decide to get these bolts, make sure that they are tightened according to spec.

            The bottom line

            The AEM cam gear bolts are resilient enough to last years of use before wearing out, provided of course that they are used in tandem with AEM's aftermarket cam gears.

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