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            AEM Cold Air Intake

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            The funny thing about auto manufacturers is that they make a lot of sacrifices to the design and drivability of their vehicles for the sake of profits. One of the places where manufacturers are guilty of scrimping is frequently the air intake. Factory air boxes typically draw in air from within the engine compartment, run the air through a series of tight bends, and then deliver it to the intake manifold. An aftermarket air intake, such as the AEM cold air intake, is designed to replace the poor design of your factory air box and to help you generate more power. An AEM cold air intake is designed to draw in cooler air from outside of the engine bay. Cool air is denser than hot air, which means that it will contain significantly more oxygen. More oxygen, of course, equals more power, and with the AEM cold air intake, you can see some real power gains. The AEM cold air intake is also less restrictive that your factory intake. The smooth curves reduce turbulence, allowing more air to flow in uninterrupted. So stop strangling your engine and install an AEM cold air intake. Your car will thank you for the breath of fresh air. Auto enthusiasts definitely deserve great information and support when they buy dependable auto parts from us. Accordingly, we make available a twenty-four hour a day technical support hotline to address your questions. Nobody likes to pay for shipping, so all parts come with completely free shipping on every order $50 or higher. If you can find a better price, let us know - we will meet or beat any legitimate auto part price.

            AEM Cold Air Intake Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4.5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.6

            Cold air intake systems are one of the few aftermarket components that allow for significant boost in engine performance without overhauling the engine. Today, cold air intakes are not that hard to find in stores, with each one claiming to squeeze out more horsepower from the engine than the rest. We tested one of the more popular cold air intake systems out there, the AEM cold air intake, to see whether it can really provide a substantial upgrade in horsepower.


            • Increases horsepower and improves throttle response
            • Enhanced throttle sound
            • Includes AEM DryFlow« oil-free synthetic filter
            • Up to 100,000 miles of use before cleaning is required
            • Limited AEM lifetime warranty

            The upside

            • A huge variety of systems to choose from. AEM offers its cold air intake systems in a wide selection of models, ranging from the classic Brute Force cold air intakes to short ram air intakes. While this range of options can be quite overwhelming for beginners, it can be beneficial for car enthusiasts looking for an air intake solution that's tailored to their demands.
            • Significant horsepower increase. AEM claims that its cold air intakes can provide an additional 8.4 horsepower at 7300 RPM. We installed one of the basic cold air intake models in our test car, a late-model RX8, and we saw an increase of around 6 to 7.5 HP in the same RPM levels. It may not be exactly as advertised, but the horsepower boost is substantial especially when compared to other aftermarket air intake systems.
            • Comes with an AEM intake filter. The fact that this kit also includes an AEM air filter is a big plus for us. AEM's aftermarket performance air filters are well known for their durability and efficient filtration properties, and coupled with the fact that the filters are also washable and reusable makes them worth the price.
            • Easy to clean. The filter and other air intake components can simply be washed with soap and water. No lubrication is necessary. You will need to detach the entire system when cleaning, however, which could take some time and effort to do.

            The downside

            • Installation can be difficult. While most AEM cold air intake systems are designed to fit most cars on the road today, they do require a bit of time and expertise in order to install properly. We made several attempts in installing the AEM air intake in our RX8 before we achieved significant readings in horsepower.

            The bottom line

            It gives a noticeable increase in horsepower, comes with a high quality reusable filter, and is quite durable; there's literally no excuse for anyone looking for an aftermarket air intake system to not get an AEM cold air intake. It certainly is a worthy investment.

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