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            AEM Intake Air Temperature Monitor

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            AEM Intake Air Temperature Monitor Review

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            With the integration of on-board diagnostics systems in new vehicles, engine management began to rely on electronic sensors that monitor different factors for your engine. One of these factors is the intake air temperature. Monitoring the temperature of the air being fed to your engine is essential for efficient power delivery. The intake air temperature monitor aids the EFI in adjusting the fuel delivery for a balanced air/fuel mixture. This is why having an accurate and reliable sensor is essential for OBD-equipped vehicles. You should be aware that faulty readings can cause the system to miscalculate. And computer miscalculations are bad for your engine. Now, we test the ARB intake air temperature monitor and see if the sensor can provide accurate data for our car. We installed it on our 1995 Honda Accord for the test.


            • High-quality sealed brass sensor housings
            • Weatherproof connector
            • Inclusive of mating connector and pins
            • 5Vdc supply current


            • After firing up the engine, we let the Accord idle for 10 minutes. We then plugged in our scanner to see if the intake air temperature monitor is working properly. We compared the temperature reading from the coolant with the reading from intake air temperature sensor. The reading from the latter was slightly cooler. It was a good sign that the monitor was working properly.
            • Another way of knowing if there is a problem with the intake air temperature monitor is by observing the engine's idle speed. Our Accord maintained a modest idle speed below 1,000 rpm. Likewise, we did not encounter any trouble starting the car or a decrease in power as we accelerated through our test course.


            • We didn't like how the merchandise was packed. The kit arrived to our shop with some missing pieces. Fortunately, we were accommodated and got the pieces after a few days.


            The AEM intake air temperature monitor should be able to provide you with a more accurate temperature reading. This might give your engine the slightest improvement in terms of fuel efficiency and power output. However, if you are uncertain to how your vehicle's system will react to an aftermarket intake air temperature monitor, you should consult experts for your vehicle. In such cases, there might be a need to have your local tuner tweak the standard program of your speed density system.

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