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            AEM Intake Coupler

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            AEM Intake Coupler Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 3
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            Overall Rating 4.0

            Don't you love the sweet sound of the turbo whistling as you give your car a good stretch on the road? Never mind the turbo lag. When the power starts to kick in, it's instant gratification. But what good is it without correct and leak-free piping? Aside from skilled fabricators, tuners, and mechanics, you need quality components. Choosing which parts to buy can be a meticulous process, especially if you need to do some mixing and matching. Despite the availability of vehicle-specific parts, there are accounts when you have to do your own research to identify which parts will suit your applications. Fortunately, there are components like the AEM intake coupler that can support your automotive piping endeavors. Since we are doing turbo upgrades on our Honda Civic, we decided to use the AEM intake coupler to link our existing pipes.


            • Made of durable reinforced silicone
            • Black finish
            • 3/16-inch wall that withstand high intake pressure
            • For intake and turbocharger systems
            • Universal fit


            • Our Honda Civic is fitted with a turbocharger and a front mount intercooler. We wanted to make sure the integrated pipes are sealed tight. We had no problems whatsoever with our previous connectors so we expect just the same with the AEM intake couplers. Before disassembly, we noted the boost pressure reading and acceleration time, among others. After installing the new couplers, we had to make sure that every connection is air tight. If not, we risk losing power. We gave the car a run, and it performed well. Turbo pressure reading was the same. So it meant the installation went just fine.
            • The AEM intake coupler only came in black. We actually liked having it in black because the color is very subtle. It did not draw any unnecessary attention but it still matched everything in our engine bay.
            • We were able to use the couplers straight and bent connections. The hump hose in particular had a flexible joint that accommodated bends in the piping.


            • We believe that having black as the only available color has its drawback. Tuners who prefer to have AEM intake couplers will have to settle with the limited color. Otherwise, there's a chance that they would go looking for colors in other reputable brands.


            The AEM intake coupler can be a viable choice for piping in your intake and turbocharger applications. The brand backs itself with quality materials and years of involvement in the automotive tuning scene.

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