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            AEM Short Ram Intake

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            One of the best ways to gain significant power under the hood is to modify or replace your engine

            AEM Short Ram Intake Review

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            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
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            Overall Rating 4.0

            AEM is one of the better known brands when it comes to air induction systems, and one of the main products in its lineup is the AEM short ram intake. According to AEM, its short ram air intake systems use shorter inlets than conventional cold air intakes, providing a significant increase in horsepower while being more affordable and easier to install. In this review, we took an AEM short ram intake for a test run to determine whether or not it can truly give our engine a boost.


            • Increased horsepower and throttle response
            • Shorter inlet lengths
            • Comes with DryFlow« oil-free synthetic filter
            • Up to 100,000 miles of use before cleaning is needed
            • Limited AEM lifetime warranty

            The upside

            • Easy installation. Because the length of the pipe is shorter and with less components to deal with, AEM's short ram air intake is easier to install than a conventional air intake system. But despite this, we still don't recommend newbie car enthusiasts installing these air intakes on their own as improper installation may provide little or even a negative effect on engine performance.
            • Increased horsepower, although slight. We marked an increase of around 5-7 horsepower from the short ram intake at 7000 RPM, which is not far from the 8.5 RPM that AEM advertises for its cold air intakes.
            • Comes with a high performance filter. AEM includes an aftermarket performance filter in all of its AEM air intake systems, which we find to be a big plus considering the quality AEM puts into its filters. Each filter is also washable and does not require lubrication as compared to competing air filters.
            • Low price. AEM short ram air intakes go for $100-$150 dollars online, which, compared to price tag of AEM's cold air intakes reaching $500, are a bargain as they provide nearly the same horsepower increase.

            The downside

            • Doesn't significantly change the engine sound. Our biggest caveat with this short ram intake is that there's no improvement with the engine's sound. While AEM's standard cold air intakes provide the engine with a more robust tone, the engine still sounded like stock after installing the short ram intake. We did notice an improvement in the engine's growl at higher RPMs, but it's not likely to be enough to satisfy those looking for a more aggressive sound.

            The bottom line

            If you are leaning more towards engine performance rather than sound, the AEM short ram air intake is right for you. While it does not provide the same throaty sound as a standard air intake, the short ram intake does provide a significant horsepower boost at a more affordable price.

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