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            AFE Products

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            Improving Your Vehicle’s Breathing with AFE

            Advanced FLOW Engineering is a company that has only been around for a little more than a decade. Yet, it has already garnered awards from the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and its cold air intake system has helped win the Baja 1000. Its AFE Power brand is known for its product line up that includes fluid filters, exhaust systems, intercoolers, and throttle-body spacers.

            Advanced FLOW Engineering was founded in 1999 by its current president, Shahriah Niakan. Known as Nick by his friends, this performance enthusiast and BMW fan has over 17 US patents to his name. His inventions include multiple air filters and air intake manifolds that have become part of the company's line-up.

            Advanced FLOW Engineering has grown throughout the years. From 2007 until 2009, the company introduced various products for diesel applications, powersport applications, and performance diesel applications. By 2012, the company has entered the transmission pan market. Today, it employs around 70 employees in its Corona, California headquarters. These facilities total 160,000 square-feet, including its manufacturing, research and development, and warehousing facilities.

            Cold air intake for boosting the combustion in the block

            The stock engine set-up needs to suck in adequate amount of air for proper detonation. Remember that the pistons move after achieving the right mix of air and fuel, and firing the mixture up. The stock intake might be positioned in a relatively convenient place in the engine bay. However, there is a bigger probability of it sucking in the warm air from the engine. With the AFE MagnumFORCE cold air intake, the entry point of the air is moved further away from the engine. Aside from that, the heat shield contributes to the prevention of hot air coming into the system. This can improve your engine response and even boost the output by some horsepower. The component is offered in different configurations in order to fit in the engine bay of your vehicle. Aside from that, it is equipped with a reusable filter and a powder coated heat shield. The part can easily be integrated into your engine without having to do extensive modifications.

            Intercooler for the better flow of dense air

            When your engine is equipped with a turbocharger, it would be ideal to have an intercooler to complement it for better performance. This component is meant to improve the flow and quality of air that is being fed into the engine. The AFE Power BladeRunner GT intercooler is a suitable replacement for OE intercoolers. Its aluminum body has better durability and faster cooling time. This part can easily be installed so it can save you time and effort.

            Air filter for a suitable replacement of the old OE part

            Let's face a fact: the air in our environment carry different particles. Some of these can be harmful to the engine components if ever they end up inside. Moreover, they can compromise the quality and performance of your block. With dirty air, you might end up losing significant power. As a solution, you can use the AFE MagnumFLOW Pro Guard. It is a washable air filter that can be fitted to most intake systems.

            block. But before the electricity reaches the tip, it will have to travel from the distributor first. The part designates the charge to the right plug precisely when the piston is on position. To get to that point, you can use the NGK spark plug wire. Its thickness is suitable for efficient movement of electricity going to the spark plugs. Aside from its main function, it can also serve some aesthetic purpose. The color of the wire can give accents on the engine bay and complement the existing colors there.

            Quick starts with dependable glow plugs

            Diesel engines operate slightly different from their petrol-fed counterparts. The air being fed to the engine needs to be heated to a certain temperature to fire the cylinders quickly. To be able to start the engine and bring it up to the necessary operating temperature, the NGK glow plug can be used as a replacement to the old worn out part. It can improve the pre-heat time and your cold starts. Likewise, it is meant to follow the stricter emission regulations set by the government.

            AFE Air Filter

            An AFE air filter can be an important part of general car maintenance. An air filter plays an important role in the overall health and performance of your vehicle, keeping the air flowing smoothly and preventing potentially damaging particles from entering the engine, and an AFE air filter is designed to do these essential tasks well. One popular type of AFE air filter is the Pro-Guard 7, which makes use of seven layers of material to protect both your engine and your airflow. We carry the full range of AFE air filter types and maintenance products, and are sure to have the right AFE air filter for your vehicle. Order today through our secure online ordering system or via our toll-free number, and you'll soon feel the quality of an AFE air filter.

            AFE Cold Air Intake

            An AFE cold air intake system can be an important performance booster for your vehicle, as well as contribute to its overall health and longevity. The airflow increase is among the most important of the improvements that an AFE cold air intake system will provide. Often, high performance or horsepower boosting engine upgrades can increase running temperatures and the AFE cold air intake system works hard to alleviate that. Installation of an AFE cold air intake system is simple, generally taking less than an hour, and because it mounts to factory placed holes, there's no need to drill. Order today from our secure website or with our toll-free number and you'll soon feel what an AFE cold air intake can do for your vehicle.

            AFE Exhaust System

            An AFE exhaust system is built to provide serious and superior performance. The well-engineered bends of the aluminized steel are designed to add to your horsepower and fuel efficiency, as well as to increase torque and flow. We carry a broad range of AFE parts and accessories, including the AFE exhaust system you are looking for. You'll find that our AFE exhaust system price is competitive, especially if you've already been checking prices through your local retailers. Ordering online is secure, thanks to the care we've put into our encryption system. However, our toll-free number is always available if you prefer to order your AFE exhaust system by telephone.

            AFE Products

            When carrying out repairs, upgrades, or maintenance for your hard-working ride, you only want what’s best for it at all times. Luckily, this is made easy with the help of AFE–one of the most trusted manufacturers of high-quality performance parts and accessories in the automotive industry. With this brand by your side, you’ll definitely have no problems at all because it has an unmatched reputation that ensures both quality and reliability. Since the company started out in 1999, it has always been known for its steadfast efforts towards research and development of car parts. Today, the brand specializes in producing excellent air filters, intake systems, and other exhaust components that have excellent fit just like OE parts. Using the most recent technologies in the industry, the brand provides the market with the toughest products that can last for a very long period of time. In fact, a lot of professional mechanics and repairmen recommend the brand for its excellence and durability on the road. This makes AFE very ideal for almost all kinds of repair tasks, whether you’re just dealing with simple repair tasks for your car or you’re doing a difficult DIY project for a particular assembly. Products produced by this brand are also known for being extremely affordable. In the long run, this will save you a lot of cash on repairs. As you can see, this brand is also a practical choice for your repairs because it is guaranteed to provide both quality and reliability at the most economical prices. So when it comes to choosing a good brand for your DIYs, remember to rely on nothing but AFE to provide you with almost everything that you need.

            For the best selection of heavy-duty AFE parts, remember to trust no less than Auto Parts Warehouse–the most reliable source of premium car parts and accessories on the market. Our site features an extensive yet easy-to-use catalog that will make shopping a walk in the park. Get the part that you need in an instant by browsing through our extensive list of products. If you find yourself in a fix while looking for an item, don’t think twice and contact us right away. Our team of auto parts experts are just a phone call away, and they will be more than willing to help you in any way they can. Our hotline is open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ve got nothing to worry about when you shop here. In case you have minimal budget, our website is exactly what you need. We provide a low price guarantee for all our products, which ensures you get nothing but the best deals in town. And on top of all that, we also offer a convenient order tracking service, which enables you to inquire on the status of your purchase anytime you want. So, what are you waiting for? Find the various AFE parts that you need in our website as soon as you can. Order them right now!

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