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            AJUSA Intake Manifold Gasket

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            AJUSA Intake Manifold Gasket Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 3
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 3.6

            The intake manifold gasket is one of the various seals of the engine that keep it running in optimum condition. But vibration, extreme heat, and other sources of stress from the engine will eventually take its toll on the gasket and cause it to leak. And when it happens, a leaking intake manifold gasket must be replaced as soon as possible as it may lead to loss of power even worse problems for the engine.

            Today, there are many manufacturers that offer replacement intake manifold gaskets, and one of the more well-known is AJUSA. Specializing in OE gaskets and other automotive components, AJUSA provides high-quality intake manifold gasket that offers the same performance and reliability of a standard factory intake manifold gasket. In this review, we put several of AJUSA's intake manifold gaskets to the test.


            • Various designs available for use in selected vehicle makes and models
            • Direct-fit replacement for stock intake manifold gaskets
            • Provides an excellent solution for vehicles experiencing leaks between the intake manifold and cylinder head
            • OE quality
            • Suitable for European and Asian vehicles sold in the US and Canada

            The pros

            • An exact OE replacement to your car's intake manifold gaskets. AJUSA designed its gaskets to match the exact OE specifications, right down to the materials used.
            • Installation is quite straightforward. Because it complies with the OE specifications for intake manifold gaskets, installing AJUSA's intake manifold gasket is a piece of cake if you have prior experience in replacing engine gaskets. It does not require extensive tools beyond the typical wrench and screwdriver set for the task, although if you are replacing a worn gasket, you may also need a razor to scrape off gasket residue from the manifold's surface.
            • Seals the gap in between the intake manifold effectively. The gasket sits flush to the manifold surface and provides an adequate seal.
            • Affordable price. AJUSA intake manifold gaskets have price tags ranging from $5 to $11 online, which is cheaper than other gaskets sold in the market today.

            The cons

            • Doesn't provide anything else. The AJUSA intake manifold gaskets provide the exact same features and performance as your stock gasket, so if you are looking for something more with this product, you are going to be disappointed.

            The bottom line

            The AJUSA intake manifold gasket is like store-brand item: it's bland but it does the job. It provides OE performance and quality but not much else, although this may be just fine for those who are looking for a simple replacement for a broken gasket.

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