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            Alliance Torque Converter for Your Automatic Transmission

            Alliance has always been the go-to name when it comes to high-quality torque converters. The torque converter is a transmission component that takes the place of a clutch in vehicles with automatic transmissions. Most automatic transmission cars are not equipped with a clutch since the driver doesn't have the capacity to shift the gears. Instead, they use diverse torque converters that follow a different principle to serve a similar, but not exact, function.

            The mom and pop shop that is the Alliance Torque Converters Company is proudly American. It has served the American automotive community for over 80 years from its Ohio headquarters. The company is dedicated to providing its clients with excellent workmanship. Torque converters purchased from the well-established company all benefit from a limited three-year manufacturer's warranty. Likewise, if customers would have Alliance rebuild their torque converter, the brand promises to have it done and shipped within 48 hours.

            Reliable torque converters

            Alliance guarantees that each of its components is constructed using only the finest quality of materials that will make them stand tremendous impact and extreme temperature conditions. The well-chartered corporation utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and machineries combined with the expertise of its experienced engineers in creating high-quality and hardwearing torque converters. Thanks to these remarkable automotive components, consumers can control their vehicle's gears even if they're using a vehicle with automatic transmission. Aside from the outstanding benefit of controlling the car's gears, users can also delight in the components' durability and compatibility. These torque converters are designed for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, making them a top choice when it comes to replacement parts.

            The firm also boasts its excellent customer service that gives consumers peace of mind when purchasing components from them. With the premium quality of Alliance's torque converters, one simply can't ignore the numerous benefits that these aftermarket parts can offer. The company's production facilities supply the industry with tough and enduring torque converters, making it possible to enjoy transmission flexibility even with an automatic transmission car. Alliance has grown throughout the years due to the long service lifespan that its components can offer. The company ensures that all of its aftermarket parts are graded and tested, so that the customer knows the quality of the component he or she is getting.

            Alliance holds 0.010 in the inspection of run out, whereas the industry standard is 0.015. With this, the firm ensures that the torque converters overall height is inspected before welding the body, making sure that the component still retains the original spec clearance. Alliance's torque converters also come with an included grease hub to defend the component against corrosion. Moreover, the component's threads and pilot are carefully inspected and replaced, if necessary, before it rolls out of the production facilities. Consumers can definitely rely on Alliance for their torque converter needs, since the corporation has committed to providing the best quality possible when it comes to their replacement components. Covered by Alliance's 3-year warranty, each converter is guaranteed to possess high quality and maximum durability.

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