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            Alternator Products

            Looking for a replacement alternator? Maybe you're ready to take the plunge and upgrade to a higher performance alternator. Whether you want a replacement or an upgrade, we've got the alternators for you! The alternators we sell will impress you with their quality and low, wholesale prices. Our huge variety ensures you will find the alternator you're interested in. Searching for alternators has never been this fast and easy! The online catalog we provide will get you through the ordering process safely and securely. Order yours today and save with us! Just one order and you'll see why we are the best out there!

            Buying Guides

            A Helpful Guide to Buying a New Alternator

            Isn't it cool that cars are equipped with an alternator? This is responsible for converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy through alternating current. In layman's terms, it's used to keep your batteries charged at all times. If it gets damaged, explore the auto retailers to be able to get your hands on that quality alternator. But we can't just let you out on the field without any guidance, so here are some helpful tips on how to get the alternator that every car owner must have.

            What kind of alternator should you get?

            Before going out to scout for a new alternator, inspect your alternator carefully. Check on your old one because you'd always want to make sure that the new alternator you buy is just the same as the previous one. Otherwise, the new one may not fit properly at all. Next, test the alternator before you head to the cashier to pay for it. You might want to gently shake it; if it rattles, pick another one, if it doesn't, then you're good to go. Also, you'd want to pick an alternator with a good warranty, preferably one that's longer, just in case you need to return it or have it replaced.

            Where should I buy the alternator?

            You can always buy from recognized online automotive stores in the market selling high-quality alternators. What's good is that you get to shop for them with a few clicks and simply wait for the part to be delivered to your address. Moreover, you should avoid purchasing from local salvage yards because components sold there may have hidden defects. If you're on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives online. Purchase high-quality alternators from trusted brands.

            These are just a few tips for you to bear in mind when shopping for a new alternator. Although, you have to be extra careful not to drop the new alternator because the interiors are very fragile and could easily be broken during impacts. So be able to explore because the decision is always in your hands. Good luck and enjoy shopping!

            Repair Guides

            Repairing Your Old Alternator: DIY Tips

            Alternators keep your batteries charged at all times. If this gets damaged, it wouldn't be able to suppy power to the vehicle's different components. Often times, the alternator just malfunctions and doesn't require to be replaced. Usually, repairing it will just do the trick and you're ready to run your vehicle. If you're an experienced DIYer, then this will be slightly easier for you. However, if this is your first time, you might want to be careful because this is not an easy job. But to make your repairing process a whole lot easier, here are steps to help you out to fix your busted alternator.

            Difficulty level: Difficult

            Tools required:

            1. Phillips screwdriver
            2. Slotted screwdriver
            3. Alternator rebuilding kit
            4. 1/4 inch drive socket set and wrenches
            5. 3/8 inch drive socket set and wrenches
            6. Carburetor cleaner
            7. Chalk
            8. Grease
            9. Rags

            Step 1: Park your car and set the emergency brake; you certainly wouldn't want it to unexpectedly rolling while working on it. Lift the hood and remove the negative battery cable. With the correct socket, loosen up the alternator adjustment to be able to remove the alternator belt. Next, disconnect the wires that lead from the back of the alternator. Make sure you mark the path with a chalk so you won't get lost when you reassemble it. Loosen the bottom alternator bracket bolts and then you can pull out the alternator.

            Step 2: Using the chalk, mark the case of the alternator where it separates at the seam so that you'd be able to reconnect it the same way. If you notice that there are four screws that hold the case, remove it to be able to pry it open. But be careful, the alternator is very fragile. Check the stator winding section; if they look black and have a burnt smell, the alternator cannot be fixed and must be replaced.

            Step 3: Take out the screws to the voltage regulator and remember to keep the nylon insulator washers and grounding screwed together. Then, take out the rectifier and bolt stud from the back of the alternator.

            Step 4: Get rid of the pulley nut and remove the spacer and fan as well, using the socket. Next, pull the rotor immediately. Apply grease to the shaft threads of the stator and clean the shaft with a rag.

            Step 5: To remove the front bearing, take the bearing out of the case. You might want to carefully tap the rear bearing with a hammer and wipe the insides to clean it. Place the new kit inside the case and screw the front bearing back on.

            Step 6: Using the small socket, install the new rectifier gently. Secure the new voltage regulator and screw in the new diode. Make sure that you use the insulator that you took off.

            Step 7: Put the stator ring back in. To do it easier, you can bend the tabs. Then, reinsert the four long bolts and tighten them using a small socket. Install the pulley and screw in the nut.

            Step 8: Mount the alternator back. Loop the alternator belt around the pulley and as you tighten it against the belt, you are also adjusting the nut. Tighten the bolts, reattach the wire terminals, connect the negative battery, and rev up your engine.

            Repairing the alternator may not be that easy, but if it's your first time, it's a good idea to ask for some help. Good luck!

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