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            Am General Parts and Accessories

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            About AM General

            AM General: Flexibility in Innovation

            Never mind the durability of the Humvee, that's a given. It wouldn't have lasted as long in service as it does if it were easy to bring down. What truly sets AM General apart from the rest of the bunch is the amazing flexibility and versatility of its Humvee platform. Since 1985, this workhorse has been assigned a number of diverse missions and has performed admirably in each one. So what's AM's secret?

            A warrior for all seasons

            Most military vehicles fulfill one operational role exclusively-and suffer in performance. When the Humvee figured in Operation Just Cause, it proved that it could adequately fulfill many roles all at once. This did away with the need for a separate transport, light assault, and even medical vehicle, because the Humvee could, with a few modifications, handle different roles easily.

            The secret was the Humvee's modular design. With no solid welds across its entire frame, an engineering team could strip it down in minutes. Modifications can then be done bit by bit to fit a mission profile. That meant that the US Army didn't need separate vehicles for different roles-the Humvee was effective as a personnel carrier, anti-armor platform, and even an ambulance.

            Safely in and out

            Modular builds tend to give the impression of poorly scraped together components that would break down like a child's toy. That's not the case with the Humvee. AM General made certain that each piece of the "puzzle", as it were, was built tough with only the most balanced of polymers-you got durability and survivability with none of the heft and weight.

            And speaking of survivability, the Humvee is also capable of doing what most military vehicles could not: it could swim. Not too deep, of course, but it was sufficient to round out the Humvee package. Naturally, most customers would not be able to purchase the military version. So what does all of that mean for the average consumer?

            The bottom line

            That means that, in its civilian iteration-the Hummer-one gets the end-result of many years- (and many conflicts-) worth of innovations from a machine that truly redefined and reinvented the parameters of the modern battlefield.

            Am General Trivia

            Fascinating Facts about AMG

            • Hummer K-Series trucks can go over harsh terrains where other trucks cannot. This is why the U.S. Border Patrol purchased more than 100 units of this truck for its border security operations.

            • AM General has received five Honorary Service Awards from the Pentagon for its High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles. These are considered the workhorses of U.S. military.

            • The Mars Institute, part of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project, used a Humvee as a long-distance roving field lab for scientific investigations on Devon Island in the Canadian high Arctic.

            • The HMMWV can be transported via and dropped from various aircrafts. It is also outfitted with a high-performance diesel engine and automatic transmission.

            • Are you shopping for some AM General parts for your prized Hummer today? For a die-hard fan of this tough, iconic American vehicle, you surely know what makes it so special. AM General, manufacturer of military and civilian on- and off-road vehicles, is known for its revolutionary creations like the military Humvee and the cutting-edge civilian H1 and H2. AM General prides itself in building the "toughest trucks on the planet" that boast of unsurpassed workmanship and performance. AM General truck accessories and parts, like the tough trucks they are a part of, are some of the most reliable parts and accessories installed in any vehicle. However, no matter how sturdy AM General truck parts are, they will eventually wear out or get damaged over time. Parts such as radiator, brake pads, oil filter, sway bar link, and a lot more will have to be removed eventually due to damage, wear, or defect. By replacing them with premium OE replacement parts, you'll surely get continued reliable performance from your truck. So if you want to have the best AM General parts available online, just visit our parts catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Avail of our premium automotive parts and accessories offered at the lowest prices possible to give you big savings whenever you buy from us. So, for affordable parts that perform tough, shop at Auto Parts Warehouse right now!