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            American Motors Parts and Accessories

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            About American Motors

            American Motors: A Legacy of Innovative and Historic Automobiles

            American Motors was founded because of a merger between the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company. The company was dedicated to producing innovative automobiles. American Motors was also able to produce prototype vehicles, which became popular because of their brilliant designs, while maintaining the stability features. Here are some highlights in American Motors’ long history of introducing groundbreaking innovations

            The Rambler Classic/Ambassador

            The Nash-Kelvinator and the Hudson had their own versions of their automobiles, particularly the Ramblers. When the two companies merged, they jointly produced the new Rambler. One of the most renowned models of the Rambler is the full-size version of Classic, known as the Ambassador. The production started in 1958, with evident changes in the design as compared to other cars during that period. The glass on the sides of the Ambassador were curved to allow for thinner doors and more space in the interior. It also featured car parts that were combined into single pieces. The total weight of the Ambassador was also lessened because of the parts that were linked together without compromising its stability. The Rambler Classic/Ambassador was recognized as the Car of the Year by an automobile magazine because of the structure advancements that American Motors had developed.

            The AMX/3

            AMX/3, which is one of the most remarkable models made by American Motors, was introduced through a styling competition with Giorgetto Giugiaro, a well-known Italian automobile designer who has extensive experience working on supercars. AMC stylists then sought the help of another supercar designer named Giotto Bizzarrini. He designed the make AMX/3, which was described as futuristic compared to other top vehicles and sports cars during its release in 1970. The AMX/3 was designed to have an engine performance of 350 HP; however, it was restricted to be driven on the track because of the safety regulations during that time. The production was limited to only six models sold to private owners. Nevertheless, this one-of-a-kind make of American Motors proved the company's capacity to produce prototypes.

            The Jeep

            Before the brand Jeep was sold to Chrysler Corporation, American Motors bought the said model in 1970 because of its popularity. With a tagline stating ""with the guts to come on stronger than ever"", the Jeep was definitely a strong heavyweight vehicle for pickup and other crossover ride purposes, as evident in the CJ-7 series released during that period. But as the demand increased, people started to seek a type of Jeep that is geared for use by families. Thus, American Motors responded by introducing the Jeep Wrangler to the public in 1987.

            American Motors Highlights

            The Legacy of American Motors Still Lives through Its Remarkable Features

            American Motors Corporation (AMC) produced innovative cars that will always be remembered as an important part of the automobile history. Although the company ceased operations in 1987, AMC was considered a top automobile maker during its heyday, along with the ""Big Three"" car companies during that time, which were General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Its different makes, such as the Rambler and the AMX, were known as some of the best designed and engineered automobiles. Let’s find out more about American Motors and how it became an important part of the automobile history by knowing the features of its vehicles:

            Innovative engine system

            The engine system of American Motors was introduced in the 1961 and 1962 Rambler models. The engines of AMC were advanced and durable, as they were constructed with aluminum blocks connected to iron cylinder heads. In terms of shifting gear, American Motors featured its three-speed manual equipped with oil outlets that enabled improved lubrication for a better engine performance. The AMC V8 engine series, for instance, was designed for different makes of American Motors, including the prototype design of the AMX model.

            Distinctive body structure

            American Motors was considered as the first American automobile company which effectively produced a ""unibody"" concept. The company made passenger cars which featured parts linked together for an overall lighter weight and increased durability. A good example would be the Rambler. The body was made from steel, connecting the front wheelhouse to the bottom floor for enhanced handling and suspension.

            Durable exterior paint

            The customers of American motors were able to choose from assorted colors for the exterior appearance, including several two-tone shade mixtures. The color coating of AMC's automobiles was long-lasting, as the paint maintained its great luster while effectively resisting rust and other harmful substances that may damage the automobile's exterior design.

            Unique interiors

            American Motors made sure that its automobiles were not only tough on the outside, but also high-quality on the inside. For instance, the Rambler featured permeable seat coverings for better ventilation. Also, during the peak of American Motors, the optional reclining seat was introduced. It enabled the front seat to be converted into a resting chair or a bed for the passenger. Although this feature is evident on almost all cars today, it was considered to be very innovative at that time.

            Safety features

            Another important feature of American Motors was its dedication to promoting safety among its buyers. Examples would include the crash protection pads attached around the edges of the front seats, as well as the visors that were built for protection against glare. A striker plate was an additional safety feature, which held the door against any accidents in case it was not closed firmly. American Motors also offered an aluminum compressor air conditioning, which was lighter than a cast-iron AC unit. It enabled a more efficient cooling system for the comfort of the passengers.

            American Motors Trivia

            Some interesting facts behind the historic American Motors

            • In 1954, American Motors Corporation was founded because of a merger between Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Motor Company. During that time, it was considered as the largest merger of two corporations in the United States, costing over $150 million dollars in the process!
            • The first president of American Motors Corporation was after the merger was George W. Romney, a former governor of Michigan and father of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He described AMC as a "dinosaur fighter" against the "Big Three" companies in the automobile industry, namely the General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.
            • American Motors was the automobile company that made the world's first ever all-terrain ride, which was the AMC Eagle. It features a 4x4 drive propeller built for high rides, suitable for different kinds of terrain crossover. The AMC Eagle was released in 1980.