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            American Racing Products

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            American Racing: The Wheel Pro

            American Racing has been a certified wheel pro. Founded since 1956, the wheel manufacturer has established itself as an expert, providing wheels that are built for performance and endurance on the road or the track. As the automotive industry evolves through time, the brand has been able to provide up-to-date solutions through innovation, designing and building wheels that can ensure stability, control, and efficiency. American Racing has designed its wide selection of wheels to meet the increasing demands. With its formidable experience in American motorsports, it has gained enough expertise in the field and earned recognition among vehicle enthusiasts and professionals.

            The wheels are crafted for dependable performance and also with distinct styling, combining beauty with functionality. This makes American Racing a brand of choice for wheels. Over the years, the manufacturer has expanded its product line to include all types of wheels. The product range of American Racing includes car and crossover wheels, truck and SUV wheels, classic wheels, and off-road racing wheels, marketed under different series or clusters: Heritage, Torq Thrust, AR Forged, and Modern.

            Dependable car and crossover wheels

            American Racing has become a go-to brand for wheels because of its highly reliable options, including high-quality car and crossover wheels. These wheels are designed not only to fit cars and crossovers but also to provide the needed performance for these types of vehicles. These wheels are manufactured using high-grade materials such as cast aluminum. These are available in different sizes (according to wheel diameter) from 14” to 20”. Under different product lineups or series (Torq Thrust, AR Forged, Heritage, and Modern), wheels are made in varied designs to suit the style of the vehicle and provide vehicle owners with greater options for customization. The wheels are also made in different types of finish and colors (polished, gloss black machined, satin black, PVD, and satin black milled, gray, silver, or chrome, i.e.), which adds to their appeal, and may be built with a 2-piece cast center forged barrel or with a machined lip. American Racing even offers the option to customize the wheels, building them according to preferred finish, design, and specifications.

            Durable SUV and truck wheels

            American Racing wheels for SUVs and trucks are also made in varied designs, from simple and functional to daring and bold. These wheels aren't only designed for reliable performance on the road but also as great accents for the vehicle. These wheels can replace the stock and lend the vehicle a high-performance look, given the wide variety of finish and colors that are offered through the wide selection under different series (Torq Thrust, AR Forged, Heritage, and Modern). These wheels are designed to fit the specifications of a truck or SUV and can be dependable replacements for stock wheels. With more options to choose from, American Racing offers an upgrade when it comes to style and performance. These wheels are manufactured using the most reliable materials. They come in different sizes and details to match varied preferences and requirements.

            High-quality classic wheels and offroad racing wheels

            American Racing's wide product selection includes classic wheels, available under the AR Forged and Torq Thrust series, and offroad racing wheels, offered under the Modern wheels category. Classic wheels typically come with a 2-piece cast center forged barrel. These are made using cast aluminum. They, too, are available in various sizes (in wheel diameters), from 15” to 20”. Options for these wheels include custom finish. Wheels for offroad racing vehicles are designed for high performance and extreme endurance. They're not only made functional and durable but also with distinct styling to further accentuate the vehicle exterior and give are more customized look.

            American Racing Wheel

            The manufacturers of the American Racing Wheel have been creating their fine products since 1956 and are widely recognized for their innovative designs and high quality products. Not only is an American Racing Wheel among the most stylish that you'll find, they also offer a level of performance that has gained international recognition. We are able to offer the American Racing Wheel at a price that is quite competitive, especially if you have already been checking prices at your local retailers. Make your American Racing Wheel order today, either using our secure online ordering system or our toll-free number, and you'll soon enjoy all that the American Racing Wheel has to offer.

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