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            ARB Air Deflector

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            ARB Air Deflector Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 3
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.0

            ARB has established itself as the go to shop that manufactures premium off-road equipment for your rig. From its humble beginnings in the '70s outback to the international off-road stage, the brand has slowly gained the favor and trust of the outdoorsmen all around the world. At present, it has created a variety of equipment such as the front bumpers, side rails, rear bumpers, lights, suspensions, differentials, and many more. With the success of its main products, ARB has also deviated to other off-road accessories for the ultimate adventure. One of its products is the ARB air deflector. It is meant to attach itself on the ARB roof rack to reduce the drag and sound resulting from the utilitarian component. It is supposedly designed to cut down the noise produced by the wind passing through the rack. Too see how much of an aesthetic and functional ornament the air deflector is, we tried it on our Landcruiser 80 Series. Here's what we think:


            • Wind noise reduction
            • Universal fit
            • Comes in black


            • Mounting the air deflector to the roof rack was not rocket science. ARB provided the installation hardware needed for the procedure. It took us less than an hour to mount the component.
            • The ARB air deflector was able to reduce the whistling sound that results from the wind passing through the roof rack. We believe that the rack was responsible for diverting the wind to pass above the rack rather than making it go through its underside. The wind whistle was supposedly produced because the wind passes through a tiny gap between the roof rack and the rig's roof.
            • From our trials, we found that noise was best reduced when the air deflector was mounted closest to the roof. This minimized gap from which the air could flow through in. Another remedy to the noise being produced by the rack was moving it further back.
            • On the aesthetic aspect, the air deflector made the roof rack look better. Its simple styling and color allowed it to be integrated to the roof component without raising eyebrows. We liked how the beam looked almost as if it was original equipment.


            • Unfortunately, the ARB air deflector did not improve fuel economy. While it had effects on noise reduction, its purpose was not significant enough to make the rig more aerodynamically capable.


            The ARB air deflector is an accessory that can supplement your rig's roof rack. It adds aesthetic appeal while reduces the wind noises resulting from the mounting of the rack.

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