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            ARB Suspension Lift Kit

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            ARB Suspension Lift Kit Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.5

            The 4x4 may have a hard-wearing exterior that says "Yep, I'm ready to tackle the dirt tracks and paved roads and survive just about any terrain." While this vehicle surely has the brawns for some tough driving, it can still be fine-tuned for better performance and can be given a higher stance to turn it into an even more stalwart road beast. With a suspension lift kit, the vehicle can be elevated a few inches off the ground, so it can handle varied road conditions better. For our Toyota FJ Cruiser, we're hoping to get 2.5 inches of lift and have bigger tires and wheels. With this in mind, we decided to go with the ARB suspension lift kit (Old Man EMU - OMEFJC10HKS). Here's how we rate this kit according to performance, style, fit, and price:


            The kit includes:

            • a pair of front coils (2885)
            • a pair of rear coils (2889)
            • 2 front struts (90010)
            • 2 rear shocks (60080)
            • trim packer (OME95PF5)

            *offers 2.5" to 3" approximate lift

            The good

            • We got the 2.5" lift we wanted for our Toyota. We're happy with the increased ground clearance. We're able to fit in bigger tires and wheels. The kit gave us exactly the advertised lift.
            • It's a complete package. We got all the needed coils, struts, and shocks for the suspension lift. All the components in the kit were built to match. In the end, we're satisfied with the elevated stance and the overall look. There were no unsightly gaps.
            • The components of the kit are well built. They're designed for heavy-duty use and made for tough road conditions.
            • We drove the truck on mountain roads and tested it on dirt tracks and rough trails to see if the changes in suspension will affect the 4x4's stability. As we navigated through the different trails, we can say that the vehicle felt surefooted. Because of the increased ride height, our Toyota was able to cruise better in snow, mud, deep grooves, water, and ruts. The bigger tires helped. We noticed better traction, especially on slippery grounds.
            • We loaded our truck with cargo. With modified suspension, our 4x4 seems to handle the load well. There's good vehicle control even with the added weight. Cornering is great.
            • We had a bit of trouble putting things together, but with good tech support from ARB, we're able to install everything correctly.

            The not so good

            • There are some changes when it comes to vehicle handling. At first, the ride felt somewhat stiffer, but as we get used to the modified suspension, driving went more smoothly. The changes in how the vehicle drives and handles can be a challenge for 4x4 noobs, but for more experienced off-road enthusiasts, they can adjust more easily with this suspension.

            What we think

            It's a complete package, a straightforward kit. It's not as aggressive as other suspension mods, but it's able to achieve the promised lift. The suspension lift didn't affect stability all that much. With increased ride height and ground clearance, the truck is able to handle steeper ascents, deeper grooves, and sharper descents well enough. The kit enhanced not only the look of the truck but also its performance on varied road conditions.

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