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            ARB Tire Repair Kit

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            ARB Tire Repair Kit Review

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            The thrill of off-roading lies in taking the trails less travelled. You will encounter the most hazards and obstacles in these parts of your adventure. Looking on the brighter side, driving through those kind of terrains can be an affirmation of your acquired off-road skills. Unfortunately, you also increase the chances of damaging your rig and its componentry as you take your adventure further. And when that moment strikes, it is best that you are equipped for it. This is why ARB developed its recovery equipment to address different scenarios. One of these tools is the ARB tire repair kit. Also dubbed as the Speedy Seal repair kit, this ARB kit eliminates the necessity to change tires on the trail when there are only minor puncture issues. We wanted to learn how effective the kit can be. Here's what we found out:


            • Tire gauge
            • Insertion needle
            • Lubricant for tool insertion
            • Valve core tool
            • Spare valves
            • Valve caps
            • Self-vulcanizing repair cords
            • Allen keys
            • Compact carry case


            • The ARB tire repair kit is meant for addressing punctures in tubeless and cross ply tires. For our little experiment, we deliberately punctured one of the three-year old tires of our rig. As expected, the air inside leaked rendering the tire flat. We slowly inserted the repair cord with the aid of the lubricant and allen key. After plugging the hole, we inflated the tire back to working condition without any issue.
            • We made another puncture on the tire. This time, we plugged the repair cord without applying the lubricant. We were still able to perform the operation without much delay and difficulty.
            • To make sure that the repair cords were effectively plugging the holes, we drove through a series of ramps and artificial terrain to put uneven stress to the tires. The punctured tire continued to perform normally without showing signs of possible air leaks. We were tempted to run the rig on the highway with the plugged tire, but we opted not to due to safety concerns.


            • If the damage on the tire is a big gash, there's no hope of repairing it with the help of the ARB tire repair kit. By design, the repair cords from the kit plugs puncture holes on the tire.


            The ARB tire repair kit is a handy tool whether you are bound to go off-roading or short trips around town. It can effectively seal puncture holes in your tire provided that these are not big enough. But remember to keep an air compressor handy too. We recommend changing your punctured tires already should you drive at high speeds.

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