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            Arnott Sway Bar Link

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            Arnott Sway Bar Link Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 3
            • Quality 4
            • Price 3
            Overall Rating 3.5

            The present-day car is a complicated contraption of sorts with each component providing specific functions to ensure that you can safely travel from point A to point B. But we believe engine power is not as important as your car's suspension system. A car that has a very powerful engine with lackluster handling is only good on the dragstrip. But unless you drive cars only for the adrenaline rush on the straight line, investing in proper suspension equipment is well recommended. While stock suspension is meant to handle the usual turns and movements, choosing to further support your vehicle's cornering abilities has its benefits. Having anti-sway bars helps your car stay firm when you corner and eliminates excessive body roll. The Arnott sway bar link is part of that suspension reinforcement system. Made to original equipment specifications, it serves as the mounting point for your vehicle's anti-sway bar. We took a look at the product and tested to know how well it can serve our vehicle. Here's what we found out:


            • Sold in pair
            • Left and right front links
            • New ball joints
            • Manufactured to original equipment specifications
            • Bolt-on parts
            • Eliminates noise that results from worn out joints
            • Designed, manufactured, and tested in USA


            • The Arnott replacement returned the more secured feeling just like when the car was still new. We replaced the old sway bar links to eliminate the noise and handling issues they were making. With the original equipment specifications, we were expecting that the pair reverts back the vehicle's suspension to its original play.
            • With the new sway bar link, we felt more confident taking the turns again. Moving the steering wheel became more responsive and we felt that the rattles had gone away. Making sudden and drastic turns was still dangerous, but we were able to apply the necessary corrections again without any incidents. Mind you, we did the test in a controlled environment.
            • We did not need to do any modifications to the car in order to install the component. Since it was designed closely similar to the stock sway bar links, it fit the suspension system perfectly.


            • Since the sway bar links were made to original equipment specifications, our car did not handle like a sports car. Stock specifications are still bound by limitations.


            The Arnott sway bar link can be a practical replacement for stock applications. With25 years under its belt, the company can provide an assurance that it will perform up to expectation.

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