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            Athena Accessory Beverage Warmer

            There is no better way to start a day than with a hot cup of your favorite beverage mix to perk up the day's energy. As you scramble your way to have cups of them, warm beverages usually turn cold even before finishing them up. For your minute to minute need for warm beverage, Athena accessory beverage warmer is available to keep your hot beverage at just the right temperature. Hooking the device into your car provides you with comforting rush of warm coffee, java, latte, tea, or chocolate drink. Also, the product is ideally designed for great camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. The product makes a portable and handy tool for boiling water, and warming soups. The secret to its great functionality lies on the product's incorporated electro-thermal technology features. Typically designed to plug with a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet, the product also comes with starter tea strainers and 2.5 cup capacity drinking cup. With its non skid bottom and splash resistant lid, this Polyurethane foam insulated warmer is guaranteed to be leak and spill free. So go on and get hooked to this modern and portable amenity to enjoy daily commutes to planned vacations with timely supply of comforting hot to warm fluids and beverage.

            Athena Accessory Coffee Maker

            With your busy lifestyle and tight daily schedules, stopping over for a good latte or java may be nearly impossible. Cutting through daily traffic without a good energy boost will be quite a dreary way to start your day. Perking up your energy and spirit need not to be fussed anymore. Simply plug your own Athena accessory coffee maker and you can survive a full-packed working day hassle-free. As you drive or simply taking your break, putting the machine to work provides you with freshly brewed coffee mix which keeps you from long coffee shop lines. Despite the availability of legion of coffee bars, this portable and mobile coffee maker could make 4 to 12 cups of hot beverage hassle-free. The product is a 12-volt automobile coffee maker that is available in 4-cup and 12-cup fluid capacity that comes with starter set of coffee filters and a scoop. Who says coffee makers are just home bound amenities? Just push the button and you will be on your way to enjoying fresh cups of coffee mix right at the comfort of your vehicle. With minute to minute supply of energy boost, scrambling your way to get a good Joe will be a thing of the past. So go on and get hooked with our great selections of portable, mobile, and practical coffee makers perfect for your daily commutes as well as planned vacationing, camping, hunting, boating, or fishing trips.

            Athena Accessory Oven

            With the availability of Athena's fine selections of modern kitchen amenities, who says ovens are bound only to home kitchens? Athena simply breaks free from the conventional cooking methods as they have incorporated them right at the comfort of your daily driven vehicle. For either heating or baking purposes, Athena accessory oven makes a welcome addition to the compact and mobile automotive kitchen equipment of your vehicle. Now, enjoying sumptuous meals at your planned vacation and long drives is conveniently possible. To fight the usual greasy take-outs and meals served to go, the product is designed to offer practical and absolutely healthier dining option. As your portable secondary oven, your accessory oven offers traveling comfort in keeping you well-nourished even while hitting the road. All you need to do is fuss on the right settings and push the right buttons and you are on your way to enjoying a well-prepared meal. Typically, the product is designed to be plugged into a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet with on and off switch that makes it green and good to go. Its lightweight construction makes it easier to travel with. Its high and low settings are fitted for heating to baking purposes. The product features a roomy two cooking storage containers capacity with heating elements located at the top and bottom of the oven. It comes with a 5-foot power cord for easier hook-up features.

            Athena Accessory Oven Cookbook

            To make you a happy traveler, Athena has catered to your culinary needs with their practical lines of mobile kitchen products. After getting thoroughly hooked at the convenience offered by your Athena accessory oven along with your to go stove, all you need is a manual to arrive with sumptuous meals right at the comfort of your vehicle. Breaking free from the conventional methods of cooking, Athena accessory oven cook book has been made available to make the most of your portable and compact oven. For your planned tailgating parties or vacationing trips, the material aims to provide you with easy to follow step by step procedures in preparing outdoor meals hassle-free. Fitted to the temperature settings for cooking offered by your portable ovens and stoves; the material simply offers better and healthier to go dining options against the usual greasy take-outs you have. Including recipes from rice and pasta to meats, the product offers a more exciting and convenient cooking experience away from your home kitchen. Now, finding difficulties in fixing stews, soups, omelets, and even sandwiches are things of the past. Also designed to be an ideal companion for accessory stove, the product simply proves well-planned gourmet as well as daily meals need not to be bound at home. Go on and enjoy a homey feel right along with what the great outdoors offer.

            Athena Accessory Pot

            You need not to camp near restaurants just to enjoy gourmet to conventional domestic meals while enjoying a great outdoorsy feel with your planned hiking, hunting, and fishing activities. By hooking up your vehicle with a 12-volt Athena accessory pot, you are off to enjoy better and healthier dining experiences far from your homey kitchen. Breaking free from the conventional cooking methods, accessory pots are designed to cook right when necessity comes. With your packed casseroles, stew, and soups; you can free yourself from greasy take-outs and to-go meals you usually have with traveling experiences. A good portable pot makes a great company to get through the day without getting famished and without missing your favorite cuisine. As a great addition to your vehicle's mobile kitchen features, the product offers better and more economical alternative when it comes to satisfactory dining experiences. Camping or vacationing is supposed to be a relaxing activity so go on and have your ride hooked up with a compact, mobile, and energy efficient cooking device. With hassle-free meal preparations, you are off to enjoying a great time without missing the hype of having the comfort of freshly cooked and well-prepared vegetables or meat dishes and even hotdogs or popcorns snacks. Available in aluminum and baked-on acrylic enamel pot finish, this accessory pot comes with a 5-feet cord and sleep contour handle for easier handling and convenient hook-up features.

            Athena Accessory Stove

            Just when you have settled that a good meal takes to be prepared and cooked at home or taken from restaurants, Athena have provided convenient and simpler ways of enjoying a good meal far from the kitchen. As a welcome addition to your vehicle's mobile kitchen equipment, Athena accessory stove has been made available to offer better and far healthier dining options as you take your planned long drives or vacations. With hassle-free hook-up features, this 12-volt cigarette lighted plug-in cooking pot features great functionality and portability for meal preparations. You do not need to camp near your favorite restaurants to enjoy sumptuous meals while enjoying the great outdoors. Complementing your versatile culinary skills with a compact and portable pot keeps you from missing home-cooked dishes right at the comfort of your ride. Surely, surviving a busy on the job site or traveling needs not to be fussed around. To keep you properly nourished even while hitting the road, all you need to do is plug your own pot so you will be on your way to enjoying well-prepared meat or vegetable fixes hassle-free. Every portable stove package comes with a starter kit which includes 3 disposable pan liners and 18-recipe cookbook with a 4-foot power cord for easier hook up features.

            Athena Accessory Stove Pan Liners

            Planned hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoorsy vacationing trips are supposed to be a relaxing experience. To enjoy satisfying sumptuous meals, you need not to camp near your favorite restaurants or near your homey kitchen to keep you and your family well-nourished. All you need is to hook up Athena's practical lines of compact and portable kitchen equipment and meals as well as timely snacks will be settled. Lining up your mobile oven or stove with Athena accessory stove pan liners makes cooking easier and hassle-free. Its space saving rectangular shape makes it easy to pack along with your prepared meals or cooking ingredients. Shutting your oven with a pair of pan liners keeps you from missing favorite cuisines and dishes. Offering better and healthier options against greasy take-outs or to-go meals, wrapping up your outdoor dining experience require minimum fuss from preparation to eating to clean-up. By hooking up your ride's mobile cooking equipment with the product's great functionality, fussing over packing fire torched pots and pans are things of the past. So go on and enjoy the convenience of having an accessory stove liner back up your food preparation and cooking problems away from home. Athena to go stove liners conveniently comes in 3-piece aluminum pan liner set in every package.

            Athena Accessory Vacuum

            Just when everybody has gotten the fashion of relying on car wash services in getting the grime and dirt off your vehicle's interior carpet and dust from the contoured seats, Athena has offered more economical and practical means of keeping your ride neat and clean. By hooking up your vehicle to a 12-volt wet-and-dry Athena accessory vacuum cleaner, cutting down your maintenance costs will be conveniently possible. Designed to be a portable and energy efficient maintenance tool, the product's lightweight construction makes it easier to get through the sneaky corners and gaps of your car's interior. By sucking the smallest of particles which include accumulated dust, dirt, and even dust mites; leaving your vehicle comfortably clean and grime-free has never been easier and more convenient. Also, the product is designed for carpet scrubbing purposes. By effectively sucking in the moisture from the cushioned surfaces, finishing up your scheduled car scrubbing and washing task will be hassle-free. In addressing the need to keep your vehicle from whatever your feet may have dragged in, the product's great functionality wraps up your cleaning tools into a single compact unit. Go on and take advantage of the great practical features of having your own accessory vacuum cleaner as it is made perfect for all types of vehicle which include cars, trucks, recreational types of vehicles, and boats making it a welcome addition to your garage equipment.

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