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There is no more important equipment for driver safety than the auto mirror. They serve such an important function for the driver. They are vital to remain aware of your surroundings and the actions of the other drivers that surround your vehicle. Today's roadways are more congested than ever before. More of us commute for longer distances every day in our modern era than ever before in history. This tremendous increase of everyday traffic has made driver safety and alertness more important than ever, as each driver mistake can have a greater impact on more surrounding vehicles. The rear view auto mirror is meant to allow you an enhanced view of the road and traffic to the rear of your vehicle, without the necessity of taking your eyes off of the road ahead long enough to turn around. This allows for a higher degree of safety, making it easier for the driver to assure that it is safe to slow or stop the vehicle without causing a traffic hazard. The side view auto mirror is designed to improve driver visibility at the left and right of the vehicle. This auto mirror is of great assistance in a number of driving situations. The side view auto mirror can be helpful when entering traffic from an on-street parking place. This auto mirror allows you to safely survey the road for traffic approaching the side of your vehicle from the rear. The side view auto mirror is especially important during lane changes, allowing a better view of the traffic to determine when the lane beside you is open for your vehicle. If your auto mirror is cracked or broken, it is important to your safety to repair it as soon as possible. You are sure to find the right auto mirror for your vehicle among the large selection of auto mirrors available in our on-line catalog. Our great prices and customer service make ordering your auto mirror from our secure site quick and convenient.

Buying Guides

What to Look for When Buying a New Mirror

Your side view mirrors help you navigate through the road by granting you a vision on what is going on beside your vehicle. You cannot afford to have this missing if you are out there driving. You just might end up in a bad accident if you suddenly switch lanes or make a turn without seeing other vehicles that are passing. Since a ride without side mirrors is a no-no on the road these days, here are some things that you should consider when you are out to shop for a new mirror for your daily driver.

Mirror adjustment type

Back in the day, side mirror options are mostly limited to those that you will have to manipulate with your own hands to get the correct angle and provide you the best vision. You will find these mirrors today installed in older vehicles and low-cost trims of newer models. This can be a viable option if you want to skip all those wiring work required during installation. It also happens to be a cheaper option. On the other hand, power mirrors allow you to conveniently adjust the angle from a controller. With a few flicks and presses, you will be minimizing your blind spots.

Mirror design

The mirrors that are out in the market vary from OE replacements, the sporty designs, and the simple ones that get away into blending in with different models. The OE replacement is suitable if you are driving a more recent model and you want to retain its factory look. It also means that you get to retain its features without any alterations. The sporty design works when you are into modifications and you want to complement your go fast goodies with the right look. And then there's the more simpler ones. They can be integrated into your ride without the risk of it looking bad.

Assembly finish

Since the mirror is integrated to the body of your vehicle, you would want it to match according to your preference. You can choose from different assembly finishes available in the market. There are those that are chromed, powder coated with a flat black shade, and those that can be painted to match the body color.

Repair Guides

How to Replace Your Side-View Mirror

Losing a side-view mirror can be extremely frustrating. It's one of those things you don't miss until they're gone. Fortunately, there's no 7-year string of bad luck to worry about here. Replacing your side-view mirrors is an easy job you can do yourself. Note: Steps in this guide are easier than they appear.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here's what you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Torx driver
  • Pry tool
  • Socket wrench
  • Any small, clear container
  • Replacement side-view mirror
  • Vehicle owner manual

Step 1: Roll down the window on the same side of the damaged mirror then shut your vehicle off.

Step 2: Open the hood of your vehicle and use the socket wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery terminal.

Step 3: Remove the interior door panel by first removing the trim pieces with your pry tool. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws keeping the panel in place. A corner trim piece may also need to be removed before the door panel can come off. Put all the screws in the small container so you don't misplace them.

Step 4: If you're replacing a power-controlled mirror, unplug the wiring harness by pulling off the connectors with your fingers.

Step 5: Use your socket wrench to remove the mirror bolts then pull out the entire mirror assembly. Put the bolts in the container.

Step 6: Pull the mirror off the mirror assembly. Use your torx driver to remove the screws then pry off the plastic tabs on the backing until the mirror is free of the assembly.

Step 7: Install the new mirror to the assembly. Snap it into the backing with the tabs.

Step 8: Put everything back together by following the reverse order of disassembly. Reuse all the screws and bolts you removed (or replace them with new ones if necessary).

Refer to your vehicle's manual for specific information that may require you to deviate from these general instructions.

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