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Axle Assembly Products

Used primarily in front wheel drive vehicle as well as all wheel drive cars and trucks, your axle assembly works to transfer the torque from your vehicle's transmission to the wheels. When working properly, the axle assembly will permit your car to perform optimally. When not working properly, the opposite is true. With a few basic tools you can change your axle assembly yourself, saving you hundreds of dollars in labor costs alone. Furthermore, when you buy a replacement axle assembly from us, you will save even more on your parts. We buy directly from the manufacturer to keep prices down and you reap the benefits. Go ahead and comparison shop; your dealer's parts department should stock the same parts we carry, but for a whole lot more money. Visit our online catalog right now to find an axle assembly that is right for your make and model. We have the highest quality parts and we can ship them to you for free. Order today and head down the road to real savings right now. We won't be undersold; shop the Auto Parts Warehouse today for great savings on your axle assembly and other fine parts and accessories.

Buying Guides

How to Buy the Ideal Repalcement Axle Assembly

If you're more of the adventurous driver who likes taking his 4x4 to off-road drives, then you'd want to make sure that your car parts are always intact and won't fall off at any time of the trip. One of the most important components that you should always consider is your axle assembly since this is the one that helps the wheel function properly. If you're not really sure if you're going to buy the rear or the front assembly, then here's a tip to keep in mind before you run to the dealer to purchase.

Where do you carry more weight?

Generally, there will always be a rear and front wheel that are firmly on the ground. During your trips, think about where you mostly put heavy load on your car. Usually it's at the back; so check if the rear assembly is the one that needs to be replaced.

What are the things to consider when buying an axle assembly?

  • When buying a rear assembly, make sure you buy one that's made of steel. This type of axle assembly is made to be very strong.
  • The strength of the rear axle assembly depends on the number of splines that are machined at the end of the axle. Always remember that "the greater number of splines, the stronger the axle assembly". For increased performance, a 40-spline axle is stronger than the 28-spline.
  • When buying a front axle assembly, take note that the strength depends on the power of the CV joint. In this situation, the force of the engine does not pass through solid steel axle assembly, but instead through a very small area of steel and a bearing.
  • The usual design of front-wheel drive axle assembly uses both an outer and inner splined area. The outer spline fits into the wheel hub, whereas the inner spline fits together in the differential.

These are just some basic things to keep in mind whether to purchase the front or the rear axle assembly. Good luck!

Repair Guides

Assembling the Axle Assembly

If you start hearing clicking noises when you turn the car or feel the vehicle vibrating only when it accelerates, chances are that your axle assembly is worn out. Probably, there's a torn boot with grease that's slinging out or the vibrating upon stepping on the accelerator indicates a broken inner joint. Whatever the case is, you have to repair the axle assembly. But don't worry because we're here to help you out.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools required:

  • Mallet hammer
  • Ball joint separator
  • Torque wrench

Reminder: Make sure that you wear safety goggles when working. Also, wear gloves and closed toe shoes to avoid any injury.

Step 1: Park your car on a flat surface. Set the parking brake and block the rear wheels.

Step 2: Loosen up the front wheel lug nuts but be careful not to remove them. Using the floor jack, lift up the front of the vehicle.

Step 3: Take the jack stands and slide it under the car to support it. Before working, make sure to have each on both sides for safety. The best locations for these are the frame rails and the pinch welds. However, don't solely rely on the jack to hold up the vehicle in the whole duration of the process.

Step 4: Take out the lug nuts and remove the front wheels and set them aside.

Step 5: Check the CV boots and joints if they are damaged.

Step 6: Remove the axle nut from the busted axle assembly. Support the lower control arm with the floor jack. Separate the tie rod end and the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle. To take out the knuckle from the assembly, push the axle in and lift the steering knuckle up and out. Make sure to support it with a wire.

Step 7: Pull out the axle assembly from the differential or transaxle. If needed, hit the axle assembly using a rubber mallet. Then, insert the new axle assembly into the transaxle.

Step 8: Install the outer joint of the assembly into the steering hub/knuckle assembly. Reattach the lower ball joint and tie rod end to the steering knuckle. Install the axle nut.

Step 9: Put the front wheels back and tighten the lug nuts. Remove the jack stands and lower down the car.

Step 10: Torque the axle nut and the wheel lug nuts in a star pattern, according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Test the car and you're done!

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