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            Banks Products

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            Banks: A Trailblazer in the Engine Industry

            Gale Banks, founder of Banks Power, was just 16 in 1958 when he officially entered the engine business. Headquartered in San Gabriel Valley town of Azusa, Banks Power occupies 12 acres of land with at least 100 skilled employees who are well-versed in engineering and manufacturing production. Combining traditional business ethics and service with updated technology, superb construction, and affordable prices, this engineering firm is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of power-enhancing products for light trucks, sports-serviced vehicles, and motor homes. From racing boats to marine engines, Banks' engines had pushed new records in championships and were chosen to power US Navy SEAL boats.

            Holding various esteemed titles, Banks' achievements include its 1969 pioneering work in turbocharging marine engines, the 1978 debut of twin-turbo small-block Chevy engines, and 1997 invention of the Banks OttoMind electronic fuel-management module. Up to date, it is still unrivalled in the gas and diesel engine innovations, including turbocharging and drive train. The company's engineering team designs uncompromising tests and top-notch manufacturing performance that continuously give major auto developers top-quality products.

            Powerful exhaust system

            Banks Monster® exhausts lessen back pressure and double exhaust flow. Custom-tailored for perfect fit, these enhance horsepower, torque, and fuel-saving. Made from 100% stainless steel, all tubing is mandrel-bent to increase flow and keep exhaust gas temperatures low. The Monster® system emits a throaty growl that may be released from single or dual exits. It includes a polished stainless steel Monster® muffler and double wall polished stainless steel tip. Depending on the vehicle, it can be in turbo-back, downpipe-back, cat-back or DPF-back systems with or without the Banks Power Elbow®.

            High-energy twin turbo system

            Banks Twin Turbo system provides economy and high performance that can be installed personally or by an experienced mechanic. This product line is not vehicle-specific and has EFI fuel and ignition system. Provided by Accel DFI, the fuel injection and spark management has a sturdy, sealed, and safe calibration that works with both manual and automatic transmissions. Banks also designed compact, high-flow manifolds to fit and provide long-term service. These manifolds refrain from cracking and distortion while giving top turbo and wastegates placement. For a flat boost that aims for great power transition, the company's BigHead® Wastegates are created. These actuators have less boost creep, permit faster spool-up, and have stainless steel bodies that can endure high temperatures, leading to a longer life. Built under strict specifications, the high-flow turbochargers release tremendous power from compact frames and guarantee a heart-pounding driving experience.

            Comprehensive power system

            One of Banks' top-of-the-line engineered power systems, the PowerPack® system is designed for heavier and rougher drives such as towing and hauling but still suitable for daily driving. Tailored to match requirements, this system maximizes performance and fuel-saving. With built-in features to regulate temperatures, engine life is evidently prolonged. PowerPack® system is a simple way to upgrade the intercooler, turbo, and exhaust among others. Another notable power and efficiency system is the Big Hoss® Bundle, commonly used for racing and street sports. Especially designed for diesel performance needs, this system is custom-fitted for fuel-economy, power gains, and efficiency.

            Banks Exhaust Brake

            For a bit of extra braking power when you are driving your diesel pickup, install a Banks exhaust brake. When you hit the brakes, the valve on the Banks exhaust brake closes, which increases backpressure, and slows the vehicle down by forcing the engine to absorb the extra power. The Banks exhaust brake is computer controlled and has a switch in the cab to activate or deactivate it on demand. Included in the Banks exhaust brake kit are the brake assembly, brake controller, switch, valve, and an outlet pipe. All of the instructions, wiring, various hardware required are included to make the installation easy. However, if you find yourself with a question about installing your Banks exhaust brake set up, we have a 24-hour live help system available.

            Banks Exhaust System

            For more horsepower, a great sound, and good looks, you may want to consider a Banks exhaust system. Airflow is increased immensely in the Banks exhaust system through larger diameter pipes and finely tuned pipe bends. The muffler of the Banks exhaust system lets airflow through easily with much lower backpressure, while still eliminating the unwanted portions of the engine sound. The muffler and exhaust tips of the Banks exhaust system are made from stainless steel that is polished to a mirror-like finish. An instruction manual and all the necessary hardware are included for an easy installation into the stock locations. We make it easy to order your Banks exhaust system with our secure website and our toll-free number and, just in case you have a question about the installation process, our 24 hour a day help system is always available.

            Banks Headers

            The first stage of the exhaust system is the headers, and if they restrict the flow of air, then the rest of the system suffers, but you can fix that problem with a set of Banks headers. With a very easy bolt-on design, Banks headers change the angles of the pipes so that air flows more freely through them. The flanges of the Banks headers are a full half-inch thick and are ground perfectly flat to provide a leak-free seal. The Banks headers conform to all of the stock mounting locations, and they are made with matte finish heavy-duty steel. Use our secure online ordering system or our toll-free number today, and your Banks headers will soon arrive, ready to install.

            Banks Intercooler

            Most diesel pickup trucks come with a factory-installed intercooler, but the high-performance Banks intercooler provides more airflow at a lower temperature than the original unit does. If you decide to add any after market performance enhancers, it is wise to add a Banks intercooler as well. With more surface area to cool the air, and more capacity inside, the Banks intercooler can provide the turbocharger with an adequate supply of the dense, cool air that it needs for efficiency. The supply and return lines are also larger, and positioned to provide a smoother airflow into and out of the Banks intercooler. Use our secure website or toll-free number today to place your Banks intercooler order and you'll soon be experiencing the advantages to choosing Banks.

            Banks Power Programmer

            From the factory, diesel pickup trucks can haul quite a load, but with a Banks power programmer installed, it will haul even more. The Banks power programmer installs easily in mere minutes, and can add major horsepower and torque. Calculating from the maximum gain of 102 horsepower and 275 pounds of torque, the Banks power programmer easily switches between the modes of 100% of the gain, 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%. In addition, the Banks power programmer also has a stock mode. Engine damage is never a concern with the Banks power programmer, because it monitors all of the vital engine information, such as exhaust temperature.

            Banks Products

            You’ve recently acquired a used sedan that has a lot of racing potential, so you want to start an upgrade project that will transfer this factory-made automobile into a the ultimate race car. Unleash the wild beast lurking within your ride by installing Banks products on your system. With a new cold air intake, intercooler, and exhaust system, your ride can pounce on other autos once you start taking it to the streets. Since the 1960s, this brand has led the manufacturing industry of power-enhancing products for light trucks, motorhomes, and SUVs. Using innovative technology, expert engineering, scientifically proven performance and superior construction, this manufacturer continues to provide top-notch upgrade kits and equipment that are capable of transforming any automobile. This company’s products are compatible with most major makes and models, including GM, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, and more. When it comes to racing technology, nothing else can beat the Banks brand. One of their flagship products is the cold air intake, a unit installed on the engine to bring cool air in the system to facilitate improved fuel combustion. Banks’ cold air intakes can boost the power of the auto without increasing backpressure and eliminate restrictions of the system; once it is installed, the system will experience an increase in fuel economy and easier flow of cool air. With this add-on, your ride will definitely benefit from a steep power increase of more than 39hp and 69 lb.-ft. of torque and a filtration efficiency of up to 99.90%.

            Wondering where you can find the Banks line of products? Lucky for you, you don’t need to go far just to find the perfect replacement parts for your vehicle. Head straight to Auto Parts Warehouse to get full access to one of the industry’s biggest inventories. With us, everything you’ll need for your vehicle is available with just a click. Our company is capable of providing a wide range of components such as engine and drivetrain units; brakes, suspension, and steering parts; interior and exterior accessories; and more. Apart from Banks, we carry most top brands available in the industry including Beck Arnley, A1 Cardone, Bosch, and more. And you don’t need to drive a hard bargain just to save some bucks. We work with these brands and companies to ensure that products are sold at warehouse prices; through us, you get total access to all high-quality parts without needing to prepare a hefty budget or paying an outrageous sum of money. So what are you waiting for? Surely, you’ll only find convenient shopping, reliable shipping, and awesome customer service all in this one place. Make the practical choice; order your needed replacement parts right here, right now! All you need to do is to click the shopping cart icon and fill it with the Banks items that you need. Give your ride a new, hard-knock attitude; you can also opt to shop by phone. Just dial our toll-free hotline and our operators will gladly assist you. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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