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            Battery Doctor Battery Charge Protector

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            Battery Doctor Battery Charge Protector Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 4.5
            Overall Rating 4.3

            The battery keeps your car's electrical devices up and running, but it can also damage them if not handled properly. This is especially true when recharging a drained battery, as a sudden surge can occur and wreak havoc on your car's electrical parts. Because of this, mechanics often recommend hooking up a battery charge protector to the car battery to protect against these surges when charging.

            One of the more popular models of charge protectors in the market right now is the one from Battery Doctor. As its name implies, the Battery Doctor battery charge protector is designed to protect your car battery as well as your car's ECU and accessories from surges when recharging the battery or jumpstarting the car. The protector is connected to the battery through a pair of wire leads and shows its current status via a visual indicator. In this review, we put the Battery Doctor's battery charge protector to the test.


            • Protects and displays the condition of the battery and charging system with a push of a button
            • Shields ECU and 12-volt accessories from surges when jump starting or recharging
            • Fits all 12-volt batteries
            • Includes two 20-inch wire leads with 3/8 inch diameter ring terminals

            Things we liked

            • Easy to install. All you have to do is to hook the terminals into the battery terminal bolt, screw the bolt firmly, and push the button on the protector. The terminals are also big enough to connect to standard battery terminal bolts, while the wires have enough length for the indicator to be laid comfortably on the middle of the battery.
            • The indicator is easy to read and understand. The display shows the battery charge levels as well as signals when the battery is experiencing a surge.
            • With a price range of $17-$20, the Battery Doctor battery charge protector is one of the most affordable models in the market.

            Things we didn't like

            • The wires are a bit flimsy. The thin wires supplied with the protector certainly don't appear to withstand much abuse.

            The bottom line

            The Battery Doctor battery charge protector is a great insurance policy for your expensive battery especially given its very affordable price. In addition to keeping your car's battery and electrical components shielded from electrical surges, it also serves as a handy monitor over your battery's health. It's definitely worth keeping in your vehicle's toolbox.

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