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            Battery Doctor Radiator Hose Repair Kit

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            Battery Doctor Radiator Hose Repair Kit Review

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            Radiator hoses are usually made of rubber. Its construction, along with the varying coolant temperature it has to deal with, makes such hose prone to cracks and leaks in the long run. If the radiator hose weakens and it develops holes or cracks, coolant will sure leak out, and the engine won't get sufficient amount of coolant to maintain its proper working temperature. This will surely lead to engine overheating. So when you notice any sign of damage on any of your radiator hoses, have it fixed as soon as possible or you'll just find yourself pulling over in the middle of a long drive due to overheating engine.

            Such thing happened to us a couple of months ago, and we decided to fix it using the Battery Doctor radiator hose repair kit. We'll share with you our experience with this product for you to gauge if it is worth a shot.


            • Easy to install
            • Kit contents: 2 hose connectors, razor, tape, 6-qt water bag
            • For splicing and mending small hoses from " to "
            • For splicing and mending large hoses from 1-1/4" to 2"

            Plus points

            • With this kit, we were able to solve the leaks in our stock radiator hose without much expense. This is actually what we needed since only a part of the hose have weakened, and we think it's too early for replacement since the rest of the hose seem to be in good condition.
            • This repair kit spares us from the expense of purchasing a new radiator hose and the guilt of throwing away the entire hose when only a small portion of it has a problem.
            • This is such a welcome addition to our roadside emergency repair kit. We'll never know when our radiator hoses will act up, so we believe it always pays to be prepared particularly because we always go for long distance drive. It's great that it is designed for mending both small and large radiator hoses.

            Negative points

            • While the tape included in the kit worked perfectly fine in our mended radiator hose, we think it would be better if the kit contains rubber cement (the ones in tube) tube that will come in handy should there be need for small patches.

            Wrapping it up

            For vehicle owners looking for a cost-effective way to solve their problem with their radiator hoses without buying a new one, this BD Diesel radiator repair kit seems to be a great investment. It helps us solve the leak in our radiator hose without throwing away the rest of the hose especially that it's still in good condition. This kit allowed us to deal with both our small and large radiator hoses.

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