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            BD Diesel Fuel Gauge

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            BD Diesel Fuel Gauge Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 3
            Overall Rating 4.5

            It's so aggravating to have a fuel gauge that gives out inaccurate readings. How can you not be annoyed when your gauge told you that there's still enough fuel in the tank when in fact there's none, and you just find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere because you ran out of gas? So when you start getting faulty readings, you'd better have your fuel system checked. Such problem can be caused not only by a bad gauge but also by a malfunctioning sending unit or weak connections in the wires linking the gauge to the sending unit.

            Once you're sure that it's the gauge that's really acting up, and you're now looking for replacement, don't make the mistake of settling for less. Remember that accurate fuel readings could draw the line between an enjoyable trip and a horrible one. Guess what? We can help you make a more informed decision during your purchase by sharing with you how the BD Diesel fuel gauge, specifically its X-Monitor Digital Pack, performs in our Ford truck.


            • Easy-to-read digital display
            • Kit includes A-pillar or dash-top/steering column gauge pod
            • Contains pyrometer probe to gauge exhaust temperature
            • Make use of stock or BD supplied senders
            • With adjustable alarms for peak values
            • Adjustable display brightness for driver comfort

            The upside

            • This digital gauge was such a welcome addition to our Ford truck. We're using our rig for towing heavy loads, so it just deserves a gauge that could finally give us accurate fuel readings.
            • We love it that the digital display doesn't just show fuel level but also other important information we need the most. This BD Diesel gauge also displays boost pressure, EGT, as well as transmission temperature.
            • We're also thankful that this gauge can be set to warn us once peak values are attained, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments. It's also great that we can easily adjust the settings with just a mere touch of a button. That's definitely no-sweat kind of a task for us.
            • Another thing that deserves thumbs up is the display brightness that can be adjusted for driver comfort. In our case, we don't want it to be too bright, so it's just so great that we can adjust the brightness to our liking.
            • We prefer to use our stock sending unit with this product and surprisingly, they work well together. So for those who don't have BD Diesel fuel senders, don't worry! This fuel gauge will sure work well with your stock senders.

            The downside

            • The price of this X-Monitor Digital Pack is a bit steep, so we think this isn't the best choice for those who are in need of a fuel gauge but are on a tight budget.

            Our conclusion

            We think that this BD Diesel product is such a great investment for people like us who are willing to go the extra mile just to attain their much-needed towing safety. Once you experience its excellent performance and all its amazing features, you'll sure forget its hefty price tag and realize that it's pretty much reasonably priced.

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