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            BD Diesel Fuel Rail Relief Valve Shim Kit

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            BD Diesel Fuel Rail Valve Shim Kit Review

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            The use of common rail diesel engines to power cars, trucks, and SUVs has become more frequent in the automotive world in the 21st century. This was one solution developed to improve the diesel engine's characteristics. Before the development of technologies like the common rail injection system and turbochargers, Rudolph Diesel's innovation was notorious for being the slow, smoke-belching power plant for semi trucks, tractors, and cargo vans. This kind of performance made the beasts of burden on wheels unpopular choices for the everyday motorist. When automotive technology companies like Bosch stepped in the picture, they were able to come up with the common rail injection. It provides clean and efficient power delivery and a smooth engine run. But sometimes, stock common rail injections can also use some tweaking. In this event, products like the BD Diesel fuel rail valve shim kit can help you make adjustments for the rail pressure relief valves on your diesel engine. We tried using it on our Chevy truck. Here's what we found out:


            • Bosch shims
            • Used to adjust rail pressure relief valve
            • Constructed from high-grade materials
            • 49-state legal


            • BD Diesel provided an online installation manual for the mounting of the fuel rail valve shim. The online manual provided step-by-step instructions, how to locate, illustrations, and photos on how to go about the process.
            • Installing the fuel rail valve shim was fairly easy. We just had to be properly equipped and faithful when following the instructions provided in the manual. The operation just required basic tools that you can actually find even in your home.
            • There were no issues with our modified Chevy truck when we made our initial tests inside our shop then ran it through the nearby roads. The truck ran well even with our occasional stomps on the accelerator pedal.


            • The downside about this diesel engine upgrade was the California restriction. Being a 49-state legal component, we had to install and test the valve shim outside the state of California. You too should very critical when looking for modifications that might not be legal in your state.


            The BD Diesel fuel rail relief valve shim kit can be an inexpensive way to make some adjustments to your diesel truck's rail pressure relief valves. Before buying it, just make sure that you got the right component specific to your truck to avoid having complications when driving it.

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