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            BD Diesel Pump Driver Relocation Kit

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            BD Diesel Pump Driver Relocation Kit Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 4
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.5

            One of the problems with some diesel engines featuring DS4 pump is its pump-mounted driver (PMD), which is usually positioned on the side of the pump. Such PMD is prone to failure what with its exposure to constant change in temperature inside the engine compartment. To prevent this from happening and to achieve better performance and long service life, the PMD has to be moved out. This is where the pump driver relocation kit comes in. This kit relocates the pump driver from the area where there is constant heat buildup.

            If you're in need of such kit, and you're confused as to what brand to get, read on, and you'll find out how the BD Diesel pump driver relocation kit performed in our 1995 Chevy. This way, you can easily gauge whether to include this in your considerations or not.


            • Sold as a kit
            • Easy to install
            • Ensures easy access for future repairs and diagnostics
            • Helps mount the PMD on aluminum base for better heat sinking

            The upside

            • We are very thankful to this kit as it allows us to easily relocate the PMD out of the area where it is constantly exposed to heating and cooling to a spot where there is no potential heat buildup.
            • With this kit, we are able to reposition the PMD in an area where we have better access to it in case we need to do diagnostics and repairs in the future.
            • The kit comes complete with everything we need to do the relocation properly. We didn't have any problem taking the PMD off and repositioning it.

            The downside

            • The use of this relocation kit requires a new calibration resistor, so we think it would be better if the kit you'll get already includes such.
            • At an average price of $150, we are assured that this is no ordinary relocation kit as it doesn't come cheap. We think that with the hard task this kit has helped us carry out, it is just worth the price.

            The conclusion

            If your diesel-powered ride is fitted with a DS4 pump, this BD Diesel pump driver relocation kit is a worthy investment as it will help save the much costlier pump from being prematurely damaged due to constant change in temperature in the area where it is installed. It may come pricey, but we think you will just spend more in the long run if you won't purchase the kit as you'll just end up replacing your DS4 pump over and over again.

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