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            BD Diesel Torque Converter Lock Up Kit

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            BD Diesel Torque Converter Lock Up Kit Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 3.5
            Overall Rating 4.4

            Serious diesel enthusiasts know fully well how their choice of a torque converter lock up kit can make a world of difference for their diesel engine vehicles. Not only can this help enhance transmission performance, but this can also improve torque converter function. Torque converter shuddering can be minimized along with transmission slippage when pressure is applied after the lock-up clutch has been activated. With the right lock up kit, the main line clutch can have an extended service life. The torque converter can also be maintained in a much better condition and will likely have a prolonged life of its own. To find out if the BD Diesel torque converter lock up kit can provide all these benefits, we used it on our exhaust-brake equipped truck. The details of this review will tell you if it's a good option at all.


            • New
            • Direct fit
            • Sold as a kit
            • Features an overdrive inverter option
            • With a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


            • With this lock up kit, the torque converter can easily stay locked or unlocked. It can also go back to its OEM settings through instructions and commands. The kit allows better control of the converter.
            • With this lock up kit installed, transmission oil temperatures are better regulated. They're kept low.
            • This kit is best for our exhaust-brake equipped truck. We noticed how this has improved its performance. We get an easier time controlling downhill acceleration.
            • It has neat features. The kit features an option for an overdrive inverter. This option lets transmission start out in drive. We've proven this to be true. It works as advertised.
            • The lock up kit for the torque converter fixed the upshift issue into the overdrive gear. We used to have this problem. After installing the kit, we no longer encountered this.
            • The lock up kit is a complete package. It came with all the required pieces for fast, safe, and easy installation. We didn't encounter any problem with the torque converter after testing the newly installed kit.
            • It's reliable and convenient. The kit is a good investment towards improved diesel engine performance. Our truck's transmission is smooth. We also didn't experience torque converter shuddering.
            • We give it plus points for having a warranty.


            • Other torque converter lock up kits are designed with more advanced features.
            • This is pricier than other lock up kits for the torque converter, which sell for around $100 or more.

            Our verdict

            This torque converter lock up kit is a reliable option. It fits, and it helped improve engine braking, transmission performance, and torque converter function.

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