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            BD Diesel Track Bar

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            BD Diesel Track Bar Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 3.5
            Overall Rating 4.3

            Even if it's well hidden beneath and out of plain sight, when the track bar wears out, you can catch some clues. When you drive a vehicle with a worn-out track bar, it may pull to one side because of the ends, bushings, or bearing that wears out faster than the one on other side. This may induce wear on tires, brakes, axle assembly, and other parts of the suspension. Steering may also be messed up. You may experience difficulty in turning the vehicle, which leads to more torque being applied on the steering column. When the faulty track bar fails to engage the tires and wheels easily, the play in the steering wheel could result in steering hesitation. Tire shudder and wobble is another sign that the track bar is already due for replacement. On our Dodge, the replacement we chose is a BD Diesel track bar. Check out our product review.


            • 1 3/8" drawn over mandrel seamless heavy wall 0.313" tubing
            • With welded collars
            • With heavy-duty poly bushings
            • Adjustable to 3-4-inch lifts
            • Powder-coated
            • Sold as a kit
            • With a 1-year product warranty for parts


            • We're convinced that this adjustable track bar is built to be hard-wearing. This bar, after all, is made using reliable materials and well-thought-of features and designs such as the mandrel bent tubing, welded collars, and heavy-duty poly bushings.
            • It's designed to prevent unwanted axle side-to-side movement to prevent wear, steering wander, hammering, and death wobble. It makes a great companion to a steering box stabilizer. They can work together to ensure steering stability in most driving situations and road conditions.
            • The kit comes with a specially designed track bar with all the other components needed to secure it in place.
            • When driving the truck, we used to experience some death wobble because of a torn rubber bushing. Ever since we replaced the faulty track bar, this no longer became a problem.
            • Steering and handling are better with this new track bar on our truck.
            • This track bar complies with the requirements of vehicle used for off-roading, towing, and/or carrying heavy loads. A series of test drives proved that this track bar is reliable and effective.
            • We love the idea that this can be adjusted to 3- to 4-inch lifts. We got the lift we wanted.


            • Installing this kit wasn't exactly easy. It would help if there were clear instructions, although the guide can be searched online. It took a while to finish everything. Some parts take some work, but in the end, the track bar was properly secured. It works well with the rest of the system. You just need the right tools.
            • It comes at a higher price. The quality of this track bar kit, however, is topnotch.

            Our rating

            We consider this a good upgrade. It's worth the money considering its reliability and the benefits it offers for steering stability.

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