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            BD Diesel Transmission Bypass Tube Eliminator

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            BD Diesel Transmission Bypass Tube Eliminator Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.8

            Why would you want to remove a bypass tube and go through the hassle of using a tube eliminator? We can give you a couple of good reasons to consider this option. By removing the bypass tube, transmission can run much cooler. This will also improve fluid flow. On a colder weather, the transmission fluid doesn't usually rise in temperature. Instead of going direct to the cooler, it passes through the bypass tube and into the transmission since the fluid isn't hot. This is a good route for the transmission fluid during cold weather drives. However, there are also some risks. Even hot fluid may sometimes go back directly to the transmission through the bypass tube without first flowing through the cooler to keep it cooled. This can lead to overheating and damage to other parts. To make sure that the bypass tube won't keep hot fluid from being treated to a proper temperature, a bypass tube eliminator may be used, especially when driving under warm weather. In search for the best fix to this bypass tube problem, we checked out BD Diesel's wide selection. We found a BD Diesel transmission bypass tube eliminator that we can use on our Ford. Here are the details of the review:


            • Brand new
            • For rear application
            • Direct fit
            • Sold individually
            • With a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


            • The transmission bypass tube eliminator fits our vehicle's transmission specs. It was a good replacement for the bypass tube, effectively getting rid of the bypass option by taking up its space. It wasn't a pain to install, and that's what we like about it. It's built as a direct fit for rear application.
            • The bypass tube eliminator is built using a good material. We don't expect this tube eliminator to be knocked out of place easily or to break within just a short period. You can see in the way it's made that it's not just a cheap substandard option. It's specifically designed and engineered to handle the bypass problem without a hitch.
            • After installing this bypass tube eliminator, we made our observations to track any problem with fluid flow or check if there's any instance of overheating. We're happy that this part is able to maintain a good flow, if not increase the circulation. Since the fluid is routed to the cooler, instead of passing through the bypass and into the transmission, there's less risk of overheating. Damage to transmission and other components is prevented.
            • The tube eliminator is corrosion-resistant. The spacer looks solidly built.


            • Other options are cheaper by a few bucks.

            Our verdict

            This is a product you can trust. It handles the job well, and it didn't give us any trouble with fit and installation. It's able to restore smooth fluid flow and kept the fluid from going directly to the transmission without first passing through the cooler.

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