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            BD Diesel Turbo Wastegate

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            BD Diesel Turbo Wastegate Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 5
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 5
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.5

            The turbocharger produces boost pressure that must be controlled to prevent it from rising and blowing the engine. That's what the wastegate is for--it keeps the boost pressure under control. Because of its critical task, it is but right that you make sure it is always in tiptop shape or else, you run the risk of damaging your engine.

            If your ride's wastegate is already in need of replacement, you shouldn't make any compromise especially when it comes to quality and performance. Our Chevy truck's Duramax engine is fitted with the BD Diesel turbo wastegate, specifically the adjustable model that comes in a kit. Let's see if it's up to scratch and if it's worth your bucks.


            • Adjustable
            • Sold as a kit
            • With high temperature-resistant Nomex diaphragm
            • Diaphragm is fitted with heavier spring and locking jam nut
            • Includes stainless steel brackets
            • Can be bolted to factory turbo
            • Keeps bypass valve closed
            • Prevents waste gate creep
            • Improves turbine speed
            • Minimizes drive pressure
            • Ensures accurate boost pressure settings
            • Cannot be shipped to California vehicles due to CARB regulations

            The upside

            • We know how risky it is to drive with a seized wastegate, so we're very thankful for this kit. After installation, we noticed that all the symptoms we've been experiencing for the past weeks have slowly vanished. The turbo returned to its normal operations, giving us peace of mind knowing that our diesel engine will no longer suffer.
            • Fitment is excellent. We are truly grateful that this BD Diesel adjustable wastegate fits our turbocharger perfectly, so we didn't have a hard time putting it in place and making it work.
            • This wastegate has been with us for just more than a year, so it may be too early to gauge its durability. But with the way things are going right now and with the wastegate's high-quality construction and features, we're confident that it won't give up on us anytime soon.

            The downside

            • At a price of a little over $170, this adjustable wastegate kit doesn't come cheap. On our part, this isn't an issue considering that we would lose something more important and more expensive to repair or replace--the engine and/or the turbocharger--if we won't replace the stuck wastegate as soon as possible.
            • It's sad that due to the state's strict CARB regulations, this product cannot be shipped to California-licensed vehicles.

            The verdict

            We highly recommend this BD Diesel turbo wastegate kit to non-California residents who are looking for an ideal replacement for their turbocharger's stuck or damaged wastegate. It fits and works well with stock turbochargers, and it seems like its sturdy construction will make it last long in service.

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