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            BFGoodrich: Delivering Performance Tires over the Years

            When it comes to high-quality and reliable tires, the brand BFGoodrich would definitely ring a bell. BFGoodrich was the first American tire manufacturer, which traces back its founding date on 1896. It was originally pioneered by the American Industrial Company Goodrich Corporation before selling its naming rights to Michelin in 1988. It even made tires for the historical Winton Car.

            Did you know that the first car that ever crossed the United States sport BFGoodrich tires? Yes, and it was in 1903. A few years after, Charles Lindbergh's airplane, known as the “Spirit of St. Louis” landmarked as the first successful non-stop flight across the Atlantic. It was also fitted with BFGoodrich tires. Being among the pioneers of automotive tires and as one of the reputable names when it comes to high-quality products, BFGoodrich has been a household name not only in America, but all over the world.

            Strong sports and performance tires

            Among the roster of BFGoodrich tires, one of the most popular is the sports and performance tires. Why? It promises to be faster than the leading competitors, as manifested by turning lower lap times at the rack and even heads on the street. It is designed to bring the tread compound farther down the shoulder for increased grip in hard corners. It also ensures consistent grip lap after lap, due to its silica-infused competition compound.

            Its treads were created with large, solid tread blocks on the outside shoulder not only to improve consistency when cornering, but most importantly to distribute wear among all the tires. Every BFGoodrich sports and performance tire has a reinforced internal structure to minimize sidewall flex, which result in faster and safer steering.

            Sturdy off-road tires

            Being a pioneer in the industry doesn't necessarily ensure you to be the best, but BFGoodrich keeps on proving this one product at a time. For instance, their off-road tires promise you that they are the brand's toughest all-terrain tire that you will ever need. Some of its proof points include having 20 percent tougher sidewalls, featuring race-proven CoreGard technology that ensures safe and confident driving even off-road.

            This technology also boasts as being split and bruise-resistant through its sidewall rubber. Like the sports and performance tires, BFGoodrich off-road tires have a thicker and extended shoulder rubber to protect the critical sidewall failure zone. What's more is that off-road tires have an advanced deflection design, wherein a computer predicts the object path design to deflect protruding objects from damaging the tire. BFGoodrich also promises longer tread life, may it be on or off-road.

            Smooth all-season tires

            If you love to drive both on and off-road, all year round, then BFGoodrich's all-season tires are perfect for you. This particular type of tire is best whether in wet or dry traction versus other competitors. It has a high-silica, cold-weather flexing compound fit for either wet or dry grip. The treads have been designed to have large, rigid blocks to optimize rubber-to-road contact. It also optimizes the contact patch for enhanced traction in high speeds. Not only that, it ensures shorter brakes, stopping up to 15 feet shorter on wet roads and up to 5 feet shorter on dry roads.

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