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5 Car Pranks Gone Wrong

By on April 14, 2015


Let’s all take a moment to congratulate ourselves for surviving another April Fool’s! Did anyone prank you bad? More precisely, did a friend do something unforgivable to your car just for a few laughs? If the memory of that prank still gets you in a nasty mood, at least there’s solace in the thought that you have a whole year to plot your revenge! But before you start planning and buying your supplies for next year, better watch and learn from these car pranks that went horribly wrong. Take note and make sure not to repeat their mistakes.

1. Carjacking Prank

“Our prank failed, but a lady in front of the car saw the scene and called the police. This could be one of the worst thing you could ever experience when trying to prank someone. Can you say double whammy? One way you can prevent this from actually happening is by double checking  your surroundings and making sure that people around you know that it’s just a prank. These guys got lucky that police let them off the hook.

2. A Body In The Truck Prank

“Hey, can you tell the cab driver that it was a prank and to let my mate out of the boot? Executing this prank could be funny as hell but if the car driver runs off with your friend in the trunk that could be another story.  Luckily, the driver went back and his friend was alive and breathing.

3. Stealing Gas Prank

You have to admit pulling pranks on random people is fun and amusing but when your victim is not amused…. well that’s not fun. Check out this dude who was almost injured by his victim. We bet that he did not know that his victim can easily take him down. Note: Better know who you are messing with before going through with your pranks ’cause it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Invisible Rope Prank

This classic prank is one of the easiest to pull off, but it could also lead to car accidents. Just check out the video above, it almost led into a car crash. We don’t want to kill your joy but we bet that you don’t want this to happen to you.  So we actually advise you to be more creative and avoid this prank altogether.

5. Stolen Car Prank

Check out this fail stolen car prank! Maybe next time before thinking off pulling this kind of prank on your friend, make sure that everything is thoroughly planned out and totally believable.  Also, make sure that he didn’t see anything.

For more car pranks ideas better check out this article:  8 Car Pranks That Would Make Any Car Guy Flinch.

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