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            Blower Motor Products

            No air blowing from the air vents on your car? Well, have you checked if the climate control system's Blower Motor is still functioning? The blower motor is the component that propels a "hamster-cage" type of fan, which is responsible for recirculating the air inside the car's cabin. Over time and long periods of use, the blower motor's moving parts may get worn out, making the motor fail. If the motor is not working, the climate control system will malfunction or won't work at all. Bring back the life of your car's climate control system by getting it a new Blower Motor. Made with high-quality winding, this new blower motor is designed to meet original equipment specifications, so you are assured that this will work for your car. Coming with a new fan blade, this ensures good recirculation of air inside the car's cabin. So stop sweating from the extreme heat or chilling to death on cold winters. Get the Blower Motor that your car needs only from Auto Parts Warehouse. With our wide range of products, you can be sure to get the parts that your car needs. So go and place your orders now only at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Buying Guides

            Buying a Blower Motor: The Dos and Don'ts

            When the sale season hits and paints the whole town red, you'll see big, wide smiles in people's faces. You'll see people running round and about, rummaging for clothes and gadgets in the stores. The same thing goes for stores that sell car parts-car owners will definitely make the most of it every time their favorite shops go on sale. However, this doesn't happen really often. So if you need to replace a car part, say, your car's blower motor-which is really an expensive component, read these tips to make sure you get your money's worth.


            • Determine what type of fan works in your car. The two basic types are the centrifugal and axial fans. The centrifugal type of fan is the most common among cars; however, axial fans are more promising because of certain characteristics such as compactness, low price, and light weight. For replacement, you need to buy a motor that is similar to your original one. But if you prefer to use a fan type other than what your car originally had, it's best to consult an expert technician if the other fan type is compatible with your car model.
            • Choose an energy-efficient blower motor-a variable-speed motor. This motor can run at different speeds depending on what is required. It can run fast at engine start-up and slowly decrease its speed once desired temperature is achieved. This blower motor can definitely help save a lot of fuel.
            • Buy only from trusted distributors to make sure there's warranty. It is a must for expensive parts like this.


            • Do not buy used blower motors. Buying second-hand parts is really difficult and dangerous because it's hard to get the product details from the previous owner, or worse, from a junk yard. Remember that specs such as size and type are vital. Unless you get these information, do not pay for them.
            • Do not insist on repair if replacement is badly needed. A common mistake among many car owners is buying repair kits and trying to fix the problem themselves. The only time they buy a replacement part is when they fail to restore it. End result? They'll be paying twice or thrice.
            • Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure of which blower motor to buy. Ask a dealer or technician, or read your car manual to learn more about this part.

            Repair Guides

            Car as Cool as a Cucumber: How to Install a Blower Motor

            Summer without aircon, winter without heater, that is not cool, right? Regardless of the season, you have to make sure that the blower motor in your car is working efficiently. However, a blower motor, just like the other parts in your car, is dispensable too. Time and electrical malfunction can cause damages to it. Perhaps, in your car's lifetime, you have to change it once or twice. If you think you've come to that point, don't fret. Replacing your car's blower motor is very easy and it can be done in as short as 15 minutes.

            Difficulty level: Easy

            Things you'll need:

            • Ratchet set
            • Socket set
            • Electrical tape
            • Phillips and flat-tip screwdriver


            Step 1: Open the hood of the car and find the battery. The engine must be completely cool before you start working. Disconnect the negative line from the battery. Wrap the wire's end with electrical tape to keep it from touching other metal parts in the engine.

            Step 2: Locate the blower motor. In most car types and models, it is located under the dashboard on the passenger's side.

            Step 3: Access the blower motor from the interior of the car, on the passenger side. Remove the mounting bolts that hold the a/c assembly and remove the parts one by one until you reach the blower motor. Take the console, glove box, and cabin filter out. Finally, remove the screws from the blower motor to release it completely. Carefully detach the electrical wirings connected to the blower.

            Step 4: Install the new blower motor. One good hint to know if you got the appropriate replacement blower is if it fits right. When in doubt, bring the old one with you when you go to the auto parts store. Don't forget to apply silicone sealant on the base of the blower motor before securing the bolts.

            Step 5: Reconnect the wires to the motor, then put the cabin filter, glove box, and console back and bolt them tightly in place.

            Step 6: Connect the negative cable to the battery again. Close the car hood and test the blower motor if it's working properly. Start the aircon and listen to any strange sound. Try to set it to different temperatures and wait until it reaches the maximum temperature.

            You can now chill inside your car. Stay cool and comfortable with your newly installed blower motor.

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