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            Blue Coral Products

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            Blue Coral Car Care Package

            Other than regularly inspecting the various parts of your vehicle, keeping it spick and span is also a part of auto maintenance. You can choose among a wide array of car care products in the market to keep your car gleaming and squeaky-clean. One of the world-renowned brands that you can trust is Blue Coral. For over 80 years now, Blue Coral has been offering top-notch car care products like cleaners (for the upholstery, glasses, and wheels), dry wipes, car wash concentrate, and the all-encompassing Blue Coral Car Care Package. The Blue Coral Car Care Package comes with all the car care essentials for interior cleaning and exterior polishing. For your auto interior, you can try the Blue Coral Dri-Clean Interior Cleaner Wipes that feature stain-lifting ingredients to neutralize odors each time you spot-clean the carpet and upholstery. Meanwhile, the Blue Coral Wash & Wax Concentrated Car Wash is perfect for your auto exterior, allowing you to clean and shine your car in one simple step. Its concentrated formula comes with Carnauba wax that guarantees protection of the vehicle paint. To find the best selection of Blue Coral Car Care Packages, check out our catalogs at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Blue Coral Car Wash Soap

            Owning your car entails different responsibilities, foremost of which is the exercise of regular auto maintenance. The most basic part of vehicle maintenance includes keeping your vehicle looking and performing like new. To attain this, you need various car care products from top brands like Blue Coral. Since 1927, Blue Coral has been providing the auto industry with premium-quality car care products like dry wipes, upholstery and glass cleaners, car wash concentrate, and the high-quality Blue Coral Car Wash Soap. This soap is specifically designed to clean your vehicle exterior without dulling or stripping its waxed surfaces. Highly concentrated, it has a unique formula that easily and efficiently removes stains to eliminate rust problems even before they set in. Regularly washing your auto with this soap also guarantees an extraordinary shine that leaves your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the car lot. To find great deals on car wash soaps and other products offered by Blue Coral, check out our selection at Auto Parts Warehouse. Keep your auto looking fresh and new by using the Blue Coral Car Wash Soap today.

            Blue Coral Fabric Care

            When it comes to automotive car care and protection, one name stands out—Blue Coral. Among its famous car care products are car wash concentrates, dry wipes, wash soaps, and cleaners like the Blue Coral Fabric Care. These are all designed to keep your auto looking, feeling, and smelling like new. The fabric care, in particular, has a penetrating formula that easily lifts dirt from your auto’s upholstery and carpet, making it the perfect product for spot and dry-cleaning. And if you are worried about hard-to-remove coffee stains, ink blots, lipstick marks, and grease on your upholstery or dashboard, the Blue Coral Fabric Care cleaner can also take care of these problems. It is offered in a 23 oz. trigger-spray container for easy and efficient storage. All you need to do is spray it on for an effective dry-clean experience. To learn more about this amazing product and to find out how to get one, click on our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have the best deals on premium-quality auto parts and accessories, so check out our offers!

            Blue Coral Glass Cleaner

            Still cleaning your auto windshield with the traditional vinegar-and-water-in-old-newspaper method? If you answer yes, you might just have to deal with more smearing on your auto glass. While you can try using your household cleaners on your vehicle, they will never be as effective as those products specifically formulated for vehicle cleaning like the Blue Coral Glass Cleaner. Blue Coral has been offering high-quality and dependable car care products for many years now, and it has already become one of the most trusted sources of auto cleaners in the auto parts market. The Blue Coral Glass Cleaner allows you to wipe stains and dirt off the windshield easily, leaving the glass clear and spotless. There are two secrets to using this cleaner effectively and having clear and clean windshields and windows. First, apply it on the cloth instead of the glass to prevent overspray. Second, wipe parallel to the defrost lines to prevent nicks on the glass. Dirt-free windshields and windows are just a wipe away if you use the Blue Coral Glass Cleaner. For the best deals on this high-quality cleaner, browse our selection of Blue Coral car care products at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

            Blue Coral Tire Wash

            Continuously spinning while carrying the entire weight of your auto, tires, and wheels are some of the most important vehicle components. They’re also among the most vulnerable parts because they come in direct contact with the ground, exposed to harmful elements. One efficient way to keep them in good shape is to rid them of debris that can cause damage. Fortunately, a wide selection of car care products is already available to keep your auto wheels and tires in prime condition. One that you can trust is the highly effective and easy-to-use Blue Coral Tire Wash. Also known as the Blue Coral Wheel Magic, the Blue Coral Tire Wash is a cleaner formulated to instantly remove stubborn grime and brake-accumulated dust on the wheels. All you have to do is to spray it on and hose off—no complicated brushing and scrubbing required! What’s more is that this is safe for all types of wheel finishes, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse effect on the wheels. What are you waiting for? Keep your wheels and tires squeaky clean with the Blue Coral Tire Wash. Get one from Auto Parts Warehouse anytime.

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