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            Borgeson: High-Value Steering Components for Automotive Use

            Since it began operations more than a century ago, Borgeson Universal Company has lived up to its culture of excellence as a top manufacturer of steering components. It supplies the finest products to a vast market that includes the aerospace, industrial, military, and automotive sectors. In 2001, Borgeson acquired Mullins, a steering gear company, and built a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Torrington, Connecticut to accommodate the two unified businesses. The manufacturing plant boasts a modern look and a productive atmosphere that stimulates increased competence and adeptness in producing top-quality steering components.

            Borgeson uses the latest technology to manage inventory and maintain stock. It takes pride in its efficiency in delivering orders the same day they were purchased. Its commitment to serve customers is manifested not only through its top-class products but also through its superb management. Borgeson is truly a trusted brand in the automotive industry.

            Collapsible steering shaft

            Borgeson's steering shaft comes in three different types, namely, Splined, Double D, and Telescopic. The Splined shaft is available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The Double D kind, on the other hand, has a vast collection made of steel, stainless steel, and polished stainless steel. While the splined shafts normally require to be purchased with the correct length, the Double D shaft can be customized and cut at any length. Telescopic shafts are typically collapsible so they can be removed from a vehicle when necessary. This type of shaft, when installed the right way, provides heightened safety over a solid steering shaft.

            Borgeson has enhanced its products over the years to provide more advanced features. The shaft eliminates rag joint with a new coupling that reduces vibrations, making the driving experience a lot more comfortable. What's more, installing the shaft is as easy as a breeze. Anyone who has the right tools can do it in just a few hours.

            State-of-the-art universal joints

            Borgeson's universal joints are needle-bearing, so one can assure that these components are strong and reliable. Compared to other u-joints which are not needle-bearing, Borgeson's universal joints are highly durable and firm. In fact, they can reportedly last ten times longer than their counterparts. That only proves a high level of efficiency that Borgeson is already known for. It's also important to note that these u-joints are sealed and lubricated permanently so they require no maintenance at all.

            Borgeson's universal joints operate smoothly at an angle of up to 35°. For angles more than 35°, a double universal joint will do the trick. Borgeson's double u-joints accommodate up to 70°, and they are available in spine and DD structures. With this great variety in choices, Borgeson never fails to deliver exactly what an automobile owner needs.

            Powerful steering boxes

            Another product that Borgeson specializes in is the steering box. Like the steering shaft and universal joint, Borgeson's steering box also comes in a nice package. It has a modern internal valving that provides a great power assist to the driver's steering input. Also, compared to other steering boxes, Borgeson's is smaller and lighter at only 25.5 pounds. It improves steering performance almost in an instant.

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