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            Bowa Products

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            BOWA: The Ultimate Source of Automotive Sensors

            Product specialization is a good determinant that a company is delivering top-notch goods and services. This is especially true with BOWA, a recognized brand in the automotive industry pioneering in brake pad sensor technology. Established in 1977 by Bosner and Walter, BOWA-electronic GmbH emerged in the automotive market as a leading supplier of sensors for front and rear car brakes. BOWA started building its name and reputation in Germany, but in response to its growing market, it expanded its operations to Poland in 1990 to accommodate its continuous growth. BOWA is recognized as a top supplier in its field mainly because of its expertise and ingenuity in the technology of plastic injection molding.

            In 2005, BOWA changed its name to BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG under the management of Dr. Thomas Kröber. Its German office became home to 200 employees while its Polish location housed 300. To this day, BOWA's elite status as a manufacturer of next-generation products is still coveted by many of its competitors in the automobile world. It is truly a challenge to match a brand that has developed a large following over the years by creating one product and making it remarkable in every possible way.

            Exceptional brake pad sensors

            Brake pads are essential engine components made of friction materials that are either organic or metallic. Such materials come in direct contact with the rotors when the brakes are used. During every contact, the brakes produce friction to bring the vehicle to a halt, making the brake pad's friction materials fade incrementally. When the materials have finally thinned out to the point of disappearing and turning into dust, the efficiency of the brakes weakens, making the vehicle prone to accident. Of course, before this point arrives, the brake pads should already be replaced.

            How do you know when your brake pads have reached their limit? The sensors will tell you. When the friction materials have reached a certain level of thinness, the brake pad sensors will send a signal to your instrument panel that will either emit a warning light in the dashboard or create a cautionary sound to remind you that your brake pads need replacement. The sensors are attached to at least one of the wheels up to all four.

            BOWA brake pad sensors are among the most efficient of their kind. The sensors range from single-pole short circuit systems to multiple-stage systems. They measure the thickness of the brake pads and detect the wear of the brake lining for the entirety of the vehicle's service life. Working closely with its clients, BOWA makes sure that it engineers the right geometry for the perfect installation of line sets. This way, it reinforces the platform orientation of its solutions. BOWA brake pad sensors guarantee the quality of original equipment. They fit well with other brake parts to ensure efficient brake performance. This only proves to show the level of importance that BOWA gives to its customer's quality standards. Its state-of-the-art facilities, structured process development, and exceptional customer service make BOWA a leading brand in brake pad sensor technology.

            Bowa Products

            So you have just installed a new set of brake pads. Have you mounted a new set of brake pad sensors, too? If you have not, you might want to consider new sensors from Bowa! As you may know, brake pads are composed of friction materials that can range from organic to metallic. These materials are those that come in direct contact with the rotors whenever you brake. And, during every pad-rotor contact, as the brakes produce friction to stop your car, the pads’ friction materials disappear and turn to brake dust. After a while, the materials thin out until they eventually disappear. And when they do, you’ll lose the efficiency of your brakes. The friction materials can only thin out up to a certain level, at which point they should be replaced. Otherwise, you never know what braking accident you might encounter. But, how do you know when it’s time to get new pads? Should you do a thorough inspection everyday before you drive? Well, not necessarily. This is where a Bowa brake pad sensor comes in. The sensor will tell you when it’s time to give your existing brake pads a rest and to get new ones. The part works by detecting the condition of the brake pads’ friction materials. When the materials reach a certain level of thinness, the sensor will send a signal to your instrument panel and a light will blink, telling you it’s time to get new pads. This operation is simple, but it is crucial in ensuring that you are safe on the road at all times.

            So, if you’ve just mounted new pads, it’s a good idea to get new pad sensors as well. And when it comes to these sensors, there’s only one name to trust—Bowa! This company is the leading supplier of sensors to a wide range of vehicles, from domestic cars to import automobiles. It offers sensors for the front and rear brakes, all with OE quality to guarantee that they’ll fit well and work with other brake parts efficiently. And if you’re wondering where to find these sensors, you’re already at the right place! Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we offer a complete line of brake parts from leading manufacturers. We offer not only brake pad sensors but also brake pads, brake rotors, calipers, pedals, and even supporting brake components. All our parts are top in quality, and they’re all very easy to find. We’ve designed our catalog for user-friendly navigation, and we have a part finder to help make your search faster. Shopping from outside US? Don’t worry because we have now partnered with Bongo to offer international shipping. Now, you can shop right from the comforts of your home no matter where you are, and you can expect us to send you your ordered parts in no time. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for new Bowa sensors, all you need are a few mouse clicks to get these. Shop here today and stay safe in your drives.

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