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            Brembo: A Leader in Performance Braking Systems

            Performance, comfort, and design-these three words summarize what Brembo gives to owners of performance and commercial vehicles. It ensures that all client requirements are met, that the company's processes are made better in terms of efficiency, and that the quality of the products is maintained high. This all started in the 1960s when it focused on producing braking components for cars and motorcycles. Up to this day, the brand has taken good care of its reputation. From research, testing, casting and machining, Brembo has always kept a specific goal in mind: to produce zero-risk braking components for sought after vehicles in the European, American, and Japanese markets. It believes that every vehicle type requires a bespoke braking system to be able to match its performance and character.

            Durable brake pads

            The brake pads fitted in the system of your vehicle is the one responsible for inducing friction necessary for reducing speed and eventually stopping your vehicle. You should remember that braking is a major concern with vehicles, and keeping the pads effective over a good period of time is important. Being able to maintain its condition is necessary regardless if you drive a family vehicle, commercial transport, or a performance machine.

            There are Brembo brake pads available in the market that can be used to address your stopping needs. The ceramic brake pads should be able to take on the stress from continuous use. The composition also allows the part to tolerate high temperatures while minimizing fades. Therefore, it might be able to last longer than your average brake pads.

            Precision brake calipers

            The brake calipers are responsible for clamping the disc and the pad together. Without these parts, you will not be able to apply friction on the disc when you step on your brake pedal. More than that, the construction and composition of the calipers can also significantly affect the characteristic of your vehicle.

            The brand has been known to provide Brembo brake calipers for different vehicle makes. This includes brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Lamborghini Porsche, Rolls-Royce and many more. On the bright side, you can get calipers of the same quality as aftermarket upgrades for your vehicle. The pieces of the calipers are casted from aluminum to ensure a sturdy but lightweight component. This can improve your stopping and cornering abilities on the road. Despite the inclination towards performance, Brembo does not sacrifice passenger comfort as well. To ensure these things are met, each product undergoes extensive designing, production and testing in the Brembo facility.

            Sturdy brake discs

            To complete the brake disc set-up, a vehicle needs to be fitted with discs. These parts rotate along with your wheels when you drive on the road. And when you hit on the pedal, each caliper will clamp on the respective disc to reduce the speed of your moving vehicle. The Brembo brake discs are used to suit the applications in cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. Among the vehicles that benefit from the Brembo brake disc technology are the Cadillac CTS, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Viper and Ford Mustang.

            Brembo Brake Disc

            When your brakes no longer function or you need more stopping power, Brembo brakes are available for many makes and models. Made to exact specifications, every part of Brembo brakes is made for performance and safety. Brembo brakes include rotors that have some of the highest tolerances in the industry, and the brake pads have great durability and stopping power. The calipers of Brembo Brakes not only have high performance, they also look great. Brembo Brakes are available both as a full kit with all the hardware including lines, rotors, pads, mounting hardware, and calipers, or in the individual pieces. Order your high quality Brembo brakes today from our secure website or with our toll-free number.

            Brembo Brake Disc

            The brake rotor is an essential part of the braking system, and when it can no longer be resurfaced, you may want to consider a high-performance Brembo brake rotor. The specifications of the Brembo brake rotor are outstanding, having a surface variance of no more than 0.0025 inches. This is far better than the original equipment specs, which makes the Brembo brake rotor a great value for the price. In addition, the Brembo rotor is available in larger diameters for better braking and ventilated versions for more heat dissipation. A Brembo brake rotor is produced to fit almost any make or model. Our 24-hour live help system can answer any questions you may have during the process of installing your Brembo brake rotor.

            Brembo Brake Disc

            The brake disc is the surface that the brake pads contact when trying to slow down the vehicle, and when it needs to be replaced, a quality part such as the Brembo brake disc ensures a safe stop every time. The Brembo brake disc also takes heat away from the surface, which dramatically improves braking. Available in both OEM styles, and aftermarket versions, the Brembo brake disc is manufactured within a surface tolerance of less than 0.0025 inches. The Brembo brake disc is also produced in a ventilated version that further enhances the efficiency of the braking system, and is available for most vehicles.

            Brembo Products

            No matter how awesome a vehicle’s performance is, it wouldn’t matter if it has bad safety systems. Improve the reliability of your brakes by installing Brembo parts today. For over 50 years, this company has remained the undisputed leader in the braking system market, supplying brake discs, brake pads, and brake kits for cars, motorcycles, and performance vehicles. Built on the values of quality and innovation, the company constantly upgrades the technology and materials used in the manufacturing process. Using its vast experience and cutting-edge technologies, this manufacturer guarantees a high level of craftsmanship and consistency for all the spare parts it provides—every unit is designed to increase brake accuracy and precision without sacrificing the comfort of both the driver and his passengers. Most components also fit major makes and models, so even if you own a Toyota, Chevy, or Ford, Brembo parts will definitely fit your auto. One of Brembo’s popular offerings is the brake disc. Its brake discs possess an easy check feature that indicates the levels of wear through the two holes on the surface of the rotor. Once the holes are no longer visible, it means that the disc needs to be replaced. What’s more, these discs are crafted using high carbon to optimize thermal inertia and reduce vibration and noise. These units are equipped with pillar venting technology (PVT) that increases cooling capacity and resistance to cracking and damage. With all these features, Brembo’s discs are no doubt the top choice for racers and professional drivers who need powerful, heavy-duty brake systems.

            You can find top-notch Brembo products here at Auto Parts Warehouse. With over two million items in stock, Auto Parts Warehouse will definitely cater to your every replacement need. Aside from this brand, we offer other top-notch components from other leading names in the industry such as Centric, OES Genuine, Baer, and more. By browsing through our catalog, you’ll see that we’ve got lots of items in store, allowing you to select the best match for your auto and your budget. Even if you have a limited source of funds, no worries; it's not really an issue when you choose to shop here. Auto Parts Warehouse provides a low price guarantee on all products—with us, customers get to purchase top-quality replacements at super low rates, making us the haven for DIYers and auto shop rats who like fixing and tinkering with their vehicles. Start your auto project today! Restore or repair your auto’s braking system by purchasing a new set of Brembo brake components. Just hit the shopping cart icon and fill it with all the equipment and tools you need. Auto Parts Warehouse provides quick order processing, reliable shipping services, and a safe transaction gateway that’s protected by VeriSign, so you won’t have to worry about giving away your personal information to hackers every time you purchase auto parts online. If you are uncomfortable with the process and you would prefer to speak with a representative, our toll-free hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop with us today!

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